Tomatoes are an integral part of a healthy diet. They contain vitamins A, B, C, K, as well as important minerals for the body: calcium, potassium iron, phosphorus. 

Scientists from around the world are documenting more and more evidence of the health benefits of tomatoes. Studies show the beneficial effects on the body of tomato consumption in terms of prevention of socially significant diseases, cancer and cardiovascular.

Among the most significant benefits of tomatoes is the content of the carotenoid lycopene - a vital antioxidant that is believed to help fight cancer cells, as well as useful in other health complications and diseases.

A recent study by scientists at Lund University showed that tomato genes can actually help destroy tumor cells. The therapeutic properties of vegetables are most pronounced in combination with azidothymidine - a drug used in the treatment of cancer. For this purpose, tomato genes are inserted directly into cancer cells, along with azidothymidine. The results are surprising - cancer cells "explode" and tumors are significantly reduced and even disappear, scientists say.


In addition to being a delicious and fresh drink that is loved by many, tomato juice can protect women from breaking down bone tissue during menopause, according to a study by Canadian scientists. According to its leader, Dr. Letizia Rao, lycopene can be successfully used as a natural dietary supplement to maintain bone density and even as an alternative treatment for osteoporosis. The substance reduces oxidative stress in the bones and limits the destruction of bone tissue, reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis.


Lycopene in tomatoes prevents the oxidation of serum lipids, thus having a protective effect against cardiovascular disease. Regular consumption of vegetables helps reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. These lipids are thought to be the main culprits for heart disease and lead to fat deposition in the blood vessels.

Lycopene also has a beneficial effect on freeing the body from free radicals. With its antioxidant activity, for example, lycopene protects DNA molecules in the formation of sperm from the action of free radicals, thus preventing their damage. For this purpose, it is enough to consume tomato soup regularly, according to research. The results obtained are not entirely definite, but it becomes clear that the thought of the stimulating role of tomato soup increases men's self-esteem. This, according to experts, also plays a role in increasing male fertility.

Tomatoes are also extremely useful for maintaining healthy teeth, hair and skin. Tomato juice is known to be used in the treatment of severe sunburn.

Daily consumption of tomatoes protects the skin from UV-induced erythema. Tomato ingredients are also often used in cosmetic products against the formation of wrinkles and against skin aging.