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Hi, visitor!

I'm Ned.

Yes, I live everywhere... Indeed! From Sofia to London and then back to Bangkok;

I have started this blog because my life issues.

When I was a child, I was tried to fill up. I was desperate! You know - while other boys flirted and having good time, I was sitting in the corner of shame and inferiority complexes. After I finally reached (oh, gosh) 62kg / 5′8, I went fat. Skinny-fat. And between my attempts to lose weight I got a stomach ulcer! That was not all. Besides the ulcer, I had gastritis and colitis as well. I remember the fear of colposcopy and gastroscopy, treatment, medicine, food.

I did not know how to eat, should I eat at all …

That symptoms – gas, heartburn, diarrhea... just turned me off. No social life. Only depression. Then my really big troubles started.

I did a three – month diet, I was only eating – milk, honey, some fruits (strawberries, tomatoes and bananas) and vegetables (only carrots), and sometimes - fish. No meal, no eggs. After this diet, dermatological problems arose. First, some pills simply suppressed the symptoms but did not solve the problem because it was coming back over and over again.

One day, passing a kiosk, I came across a local newspaper in big letters has been written: “The nutrition cure”.

And yes, I started to read about nutrition. But it takes a while to understand how to eat healthy.

Today, I have not stomach ulcer. I'm not skinny or fat (67kg / 5′8). I want to give you a spirit and knowledge. Don't waste time, and now start eating healthily. It does matter!

Perhaps you have come to the this website, once you have been looking for the opportunity to lose weight or because you want to deal with unpleasant symptoms such as bloating, gas, or other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

While you dine and chat with someone, taking products with air, which can cause gas. Usually, when problems occur, we drink a pill and move on. Medicines (be it and homeopathic) are helping us to deal with the symptoms, but not the real problem.

If you are from those who want to lose weight, you have already been a number of "courses" in fasting? Right?

That's why I dedicated this website ThisNutrition.com - for those of you who want to eat balanced and live a full-bodied life.
We choose how to eat! Read on and find your most accurate diet.

The content on the site does not replace consultation with a specialist.