Addiction To Food - 10 Most Dangerous Foods

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Addiction To Food - 10 Most Dangerous Foods

Addictive food. Neurobiologist Nicole Avena has created a list of 10 types of food that break your will. Pizza. Chocolate. Cookies. Potato chips. Ice. Pie. French fries. Burgers. Dry breakfasts. Fried chicken.

The famous American researcher of eating behavior, Nicole Avena, created a list of foods that break your will. As a rule, these are products with a high degree of processing and a low content of dietary fibers, which slow down the digestion process.

If any of the dishes causes a serious problem, then it is better to refuse it. As for all other cases, a person just needs to show moderation or resort to small tricks in order not to fall into addiction.


1. Pizza

Pizza is a perfect combination of flour, fat, salt, spices, vegetables and meat. We do not encourage you to completely give it up (although if you are overweight and want to deal with this problem, then it is really better to forget about pizza for a while). In order not to become addicted to this dish, you must follow some rules.

  • Eat only pizza made from coarsely ground flour.
  • The more processed pizza flour, the worse.
  • Fresh ingredients will be useful.
  • Put less cheese, as it is the most processed and high in calories.

If you make pizza at home, ask for healthier recipes. For example, crispy pizza with cauliflower is no worse in terms of taste.


2. Chocolate

You probably know how difficult it is to refuse chocolate, especially milk chocolate. After all, it also contains fats and additional taste components that you get pleasure from.

In fact, chocolate is quite useful for the body. It contains antioxidants and other biologically active substances. But everything is good in moderation. In order not to become addicted to chocolate bars and bars, eat only dark dark chocolate. At first, it will seem tasteless and very bitter. Wait a few weeks, and then you will get used to this kind of chocolate, and milk chocolate will seem boring and tasteless. In addition, you will not eat a lot of bitter dark chocolate. Thus, you kill two birds with one stone - you get pleasure from food and significantly reduce the portion.


3. Cookies

You are really better off giving up cookies. This is a real drug! But if tea cannot be drunk without it, Nicole Avena strongly advises to bake it yourself, adding nuts, berries, dried fruits, and replacing sugar with honey.


4. Potato chips

There are no surprises here, you probably know that. Potato chips, like other crunchy snacks, have a very high degree of processing. They do not have any useful elements. It is essentially a mixture of simple carbohydrates and fats (at best), plus flavorings, preservatives, salt, monosodium glutamate and other chemical components.

Nicole Avena does not recommend eating crunchy snacks. As a last resort, it is better to eat chips with a low salt content and without flavorings.


5. Ice cream

In order not to become a "slave" to ice cream, it is important to follow some rules. Portion plays a key role here.

  • Do not buy ice cream in the "family package" - you will not even notice how you will eat it all.
  • Never buy stock. Craving ice cream? Get up from the sofa, get dressed and go to the store.
  • For supporters of a healthy lifestyle who like cold desserts, we can recommend sorbet.


6. Cake

As for cakes and pastries, in this case, Nicole Avena recommends just saying "no" to yourself in time. Unfortunately, there are few healthy alternatives to such delicacies, so the only way out is to eat them only on a special occasion, and most importantly, in small portions.



7. French fries

Potatoes cooked in a deep fryer are one of the most dangerous foods to which a person can easily become addicted. Naturally, it is best to refuse such food completely. Without harm to health, you can occasionally treat yourself to French fries, and you need to use them in reasonable quantities. Sugar is added to the potatoes. The best alternative to french fries is a baked potato, which you can drizzle with olive oil after cooking (if you are not overweight, because in this case the dish turns out to be high in calories).


8. Burgers

Some fast food restaurants offer burgers that are so mouth-watering that it's hard to turn them down, especially after you've tried them. But the harm of such food is not only in its calorie content. Red meat, as the main ingredient of burgers, increases the likelihood of colon cancer, kidney failure and liver diseases. In addition, the risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases increases.

Nicole Avena says the most important thing is to avoid the most processed parts of a meal. You can prepare a burger at home, using buns made of coarsely ground flour, fresh vegetables, greens and natural, unprocessed meat. A healthier version of a burger is with poultry or fish.


9. Dry breakfasts

The main problem with breakfast cereals is the large amount of sugar. Nicole Avena advises to carefully study the labels. Glazed cereal is the worst choice because it contains a lot of sugar. It is recommended to choose such flakes, in which the sugar content does not exceed 4 grams per serving.

Oatmeal is the best substitute for breakfast cereals. You will need a little more time to prepare, but in return you will get a surge of energy and the absence of problems associated with the consumption of a large amount of sugar.



10. Deep-fried chicken

Many fast food restaurants offer this dish. Cooked chicken in a batter with spices is a food that is difficult to refuse. Nicole Avena advises those who are "addicted" to such food to prepare this dish at home, or to remove the crispy glaze after the first bite.

And finally, we want to note that you should not look for a quick way out of addictions. You have to give yourself a full account of the fact that sometimes it is not easy at all. Show your will. We believe in you!


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