Published at: 19/07/2018

In this article I will talk about the benefits and harms of consuming piquant food. There are a lot of theories about its impact on the human body, part of which will look at.

A healthy person should include spicy foods.

If you do not have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract such as ulcers, colitis, gastritis, etc.; as well as established hemorrhoids and blood pressure problems, you can eat a spicy. As with any other food, my advice to you is not going too far. Moderate your consume.


If you have hemorrhoids...

The spicy food should be avoided, even ceased because the capsaicin contained in hot peppers, for example, are not degradatе, when it passes through the digestive tract. Thus, symptoms such as burning and pain during defecation.


Spicy food dilutes the blood

In combination with medications that do the same effect, it is not advisable to eat spicy. If you have varicose veins, the piquant has a positive impact because it prevents the development of thrombus due to its diluting effect.


They have antimicrobial properties

Spicy ingredient of the food has an antiseptic and antimicrobial impact, so it is quite often used as a food preservative. It has beneficial effects on autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.


It can act as a analgesic

You must have seen grandmothers in the village rubbing a hot pepper or garlic in their gingiva when they have pains. It turns out that capsaicin, the ingredient responsible for the spicy taste, stimulates the synthesis of endorphin, which plays the role of anesthetic. Here it is good to specify that we are talking about local application to the sick place rather than food intake.


Spicy is used in diets

Many dieticians believe it may well be that spicy food can help burn calories because it causes a lot of sweating.

The risk of fissures and ulcers if we go too far

Too much spicy food overdose can lead to fissures in the stomach and intestines, and hemorrhoids. Especially if we consume on an empty stomach.


Piquant accelerates metabolism

Another using of spicy is found in the gym. Due to their acrid effect on the stomach lining, the human body releases more enzymes, facilitate more prompt digestion. As mentioned, due to the acrid effect, cause and process of sweating. Spicy food helps to better degradation of fats and starts the accelerated release of energy (calories).


Spicy foods contain a lot of vitamins

Rich in vitamin a, B, c, e, and minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, is known to lower cholesterol and blood sugar. Their content does not stop there, because they are a source of protein and phytoncides...

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