Observations of nutritionists show that eating foods high in calcium can help a lot in the fight against excess weight. However, according to experts from Laval University, this only applies to people who have had low calcium intake before.


One 15-week study included obese women with a daily intake of about 600 mg, with a minimum requirement of 1,000 mg. Calcium in the form of tablets in a dosage of 1200 mg was added to the low-calorie diet to which they were subjected. They lost 6 kg in weight compared to the placebo group, in which only one was lost.


According to the hypothesis of scientists, the brain is able to determine the level of calcium in the blood, which leads to an increase in appetite to meet daily needs. This obviously has an adverse effect on body shape. Therefore, adequate intake of micronutrients is essential for the effectiveness of weight loss attempts.


Another study, the Tremblay study, found that unsatisfactory calcium during the day was associated with wider waists, more subcutaneous fat, and a poorer lipid profile. Another finds a connection between the restriction in the consumption of dairy products and weight gain.