Consuming a glass of wine or even a daily dose of caffeine can leave a feeling of guilt in many. While many avoid their favorite beverage, for this reason, it turns out that "eradicating" tea, coffee and wine from the diet is not such a good idea. 
According to a new study, all of these drinks help maintain the balance of "beneficial" bacteria in the gut. It has long been established that what we consume affects these intestinal bacteria
This "colony" in the intestinal flora consists of "beneficial" bacteria that are thought to have anti-inflammatory properties, as well as harmful ones that promote inflammation . For this reason, maintaining their balance is an important part of good health. 
According to a new Dutch study, drinking a cup of coffee , tea or wine can help balance these intestinal bacteria. Experts add that people who regularly consume yogurt and buttermilk also have a wide variety of bacteria in the gut. 
On the other hand, a full-fat yogurt and a high- calorie diet can compromise this diversity. The study involved people who were in good health. 
For their analysis, the researchers collected completed questionnaires and medical prescriptions from 1,100 people. The DNA of their intestinal bacteria  from frozen excrement is also examined
Experts from the University of Groningen explain that the entire DNA of the bacteria has been analyzed to obtain more detailed information about their species. In this way he can see the effect of the diet on the intestines
In addition, researchers have identified 19 different types of drugs for widespread use, which also affect the diversity of bacteria in the gut. 
The data from the study are published in the pages of the journal Science .