A study published in the American Journal of Cancer Prevention Research showed a significant reduction in tumor markers showing the development of prostate cancer with green tea consumption. Green tea has been linked to a positive effect against many diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and Alzheimer's. Although some positive feelings have been reported in participants in previous prostate cancer studies, the conclusions about the benefits of green tea have so far been conflicting.

This time, scientists from Philadelphia are concentrating on the ingredient Polyphenon E, which is contained in green tea. They tested a group of biomarkers - indicators of the presence and development of cancer, and a specific prostate antigen. In case there is a tumor disease, the indicators of these markers increase. Research has shown that this ingredient in green tea has the ability to slow the development of this type of cancer.


The study involved 26 men, aged 41 to 72, who were diagnosed with prostate cancer and were scheduled for surgery. Patients took 4 capsules of polyphenone E for a period of 34 days. The amount of polyphenone in the capsules corresponds to 12 cups of normally concentrated green tea. In the subjects, a 30% decrease in tumor parameters was registered. According to Dr. James Cardelli of the Feist-Weiller Cancer Center, who led the study, the use of tea polyphenones alone or in combination with other ingredients could be introduced into prostate cancer prophylaxis.