How To Cook Five Tips For Proper Marinating Of Meat - Recipe

Published on: 24/01/2022 | Last Updated: 30/01/2022
How To Cook Five Tips For Proper Marinating Of Meat - Recipe

In this article, learn more about How To Cook Five Tips For Proper Marinating Of Meat - Recipe. Learn how to cook "Five tips for proper marinating of meat". Delicious recipe..

The meaning of marinating meat is not only to give it a rich taste and aroma. The task of spices is to make the fibers soft, so the dish will be more tender and pleasant to eat. Let's get acquainted with a few moments of preparation that will turn the finished dish into a delightful culinary creation.


  • Cut the meat into large pieces. This is important because otherwise you will get tasteless hard pieces of lamb, for example. The most appropriate size is the size of a child's fist. This will allow the fibers to retain the maximum amount of juice during the subsequent heat treatment.
  • Do not use vinegar. Although it is customary to add vinegar to marinades, the product is not suitable because acetic acid completely absorbs the juice from the fibers. The result is a rough "aggregate" of tasteless particles.
  • Use alcohol to make the marinade, and it is best to bet on white wine. This way you will enjoy a rich and refined taste of the meat.


Do not save onions. It is an indispensable ingredient for marinating meat and meat products. Cut it into large pieces or semicircles and cover the product with them.

It is best to continue the seasoning overnight. This applies to all meats, except chicken, for which it is enough to stand only 2-3 hours at room temperature among the preferred spices. Pork, lamb and beef need weight to be placed on them so that the spices do not penetrate deep into the fibers.


Enjoy your meal!


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