How To Eat Bread Correctly So As Not To Gain Weight

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How To Eat Bread Correctly So As Not To Gain Weight

Rules for choosing bread: grain bread, bread with bran, white bread, rye bread. How many calories in bread. Composition of bread. How much bread can you eat per day

Delicious bread with a crispy crust beckons, even if you are on a diet. And you make a lot of effort to give up baking and any bread so as not to harm your figure. In fact, it is not necessary at all. You can eat bread and not get better. Nutritionists even recommend it to those who watch their figure: good bread contains valuable vegetable proteins and carbohydrates, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, and selenium.

What bread to choose

There is very little protein in white bread made from refined flour, and carbohydrates are mainly fast - those that quickly turn into glucose and are stored as fat. Such bread is especially harmful for children, people with low glucose tolerance, and people with diabetes. The spikes in insulin in the blood caused by the consumption of white bread make you feel hungry already half an hour after eating. Therefore, nutritionists recommend rye and whole grain bread (it contains much more proteins, vitamins and minerals than other varieties). But for those who are on a diet to lose weight, the calorie content of bread is also important.


Based on 100 grams of product, different types of bread contain the following number of calories:

White bread made from high-grade flour - 300 kcal


White bread with bran - 250-270 kcal

Rye bread - 180-190 kcal

Whole grain bread - 160-180 kcal

A standard piece of bread weighs about 30 grams, nutritionists recommend eating up to 150 grams of coarsely ground flour bread per day.

The density of the bread indicates its quality. On the one hand, well-baked bread should be soft and return to its original shape after pressure. But two loaves of the same size can have different weights. If the bread is very light, airy, this indicates the use of a large amount of baking powder in the production process. Airy bread can be baked only from wheat flour of the highest grade, and if you see such bread in a dark color, it means that it became so thanks to the dye.



Can yeast in bread harm the figure

The issue of yeast-free bread became relevant relatively recently. But is the harm of yeast for intestines and figure so real? The fact is that properly baked bread does not contain live yeast: it simply dies from high temperature, like any living organism. But at the same time, yeast additionally enriches bread with zinc and iron.


Yeast-free bread is always more expensive because the technology of its preparation is more complicated. But according to doctors, advertising this product as healthier is nothing more than a marketing ploy.


When and with what to eat bread

It is recommended to eat the main portion of bread in the first half of the day. Then the calories will be put to good use, and you will have enough energy throughout the day. In the evening, it is also permissible to drink tea with a sandwich, but let it be one sandwich with cheese or butter.

Many people recover from eating everything with bread out of habit. If you control this process, maintaining a normal weight will be much easier. It is better to eat potatoes, pasta, cereal, rice without bread. Moreover, these products are interchangeable.


Bread is appropriate with first courses, salads, stewed vegetables, and fermented milk products. Crisp bread with milk can cause flatulence.

No need to increase the glycemic index of bread by spreading jam or chocolate paste. You will eat much more sweets with bread, and your appetite will be simply beastly after an hour.

Lean meat and fish can be eaten without bread. Animal proteins are better absorbed together with green vegetables, tomatoes, and spicy herbs.

If you take sandwiches to work, choose whole grain bread. But if you have no choice, complement such a sandwich with a green salad, a cabbage leaf. It is better to take any sandwich than to do without it. After all, the absence of lunch or a midday snack will make it much more difficult for you to lose weight.



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