According to a study conducted by the Institute of Global Health in Barcelona, ​​early dinner is important because it reduces the risk of breast and prostate cancer . Those who eat until 20:00. in the evening or at least two hours before bedtime, reduce the likelihood of developing cancer by 20%.

The study aims to understand whether eating according to the daily rhythm affects the disease. Participants are asked to complete a questionnaire about the frequency of feeding, addressing food their habits . 872 men and 1 321 women were studied for a period of 5 years, among which 621 reported prostate cancer and 1 205 - breast cancer. 

Adherence to a daily diet is said to be associated with a low risk of cancer, and eating at any time, especially at bedtime, increases the chance of developing prostate and breast cancer.

The authors of the study say that further research is needed to understand the reasons for these findings, but all indications are that bedtime affects the body's ability to process food. Dinner time has profound effects on metabolism and health.

It is commented that there are many variables that can develop cancer, and the combination of them leads to its onset. Late feeding is one of those factors that contribute to the development of tumor cells



The World Health Organization views shift work as another variable for cancer. People who work late at night or at night are classified. Their fasting, diet or food intake before bedtime is taken into account. It can cause inflammatory processes , elevated levels of leptin and glucose and the development of tumors.

Eating just before bedtime leads to restless sleep . Conversely, the earlier you eat dinner, the better it is for digestion, to maintain weight, to avoid heartburn, and to get a good night's sleep.

Experts say the longer the period between the last meal and sleep less likely to develop cancer diseases .