Mushrooms Are An Edible Wonder Of Nature

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Mushrooms Are An Edible Wonder Of Nature

Mushrooms can be called a truly unique phenomenon. For a long time, scientists argued about where to attribute this "miracle of nature" - to plants or to animals. As a result, a compromise was found in 1960: mushrooms were separated into a separate "kingdom".

Mushrooms can be called a truly unique phenomenon. For a long time, scientists argued about where to attribute this "miracle of nature" - to plants or to animals. As a result, a compromise was found in 1960: mushrooms were separated into a separate "kingdom".

Many amazing facts are known about mushrooms . For example, some species are true predators, others can move independently, and others even glow in the dark. And, in the end, one should not forget about the taste qualities of mushrooms , because they are one of the most favorite delicacies among gourmets all over the world.


History and geography of mushrooms

The question of when and where mushrooms appeared is rather ambiguous. Science believes that mushrooms are the same age as dinosaurs and have been growing on the planet for over 400 million years. In North America, during excavations, mushrooms were found , the age of which was 460 million years.

These "organisms" are very hardy and can grow in almost any conditions, with the exception of African deserts and arctic permafrost. The geographical distribution of mushrooms is studied by a special science - mycogeography, according to which each mushroom species has  its own conditions of existence.

For example, only in North America and Japan can you find matsutake, a type of mushroom that is a cross between a champignon and a champignon, one of the most expensive mushrooms on the planet. And the northern regions of China are famous for the fact that there you can find a bearded mushroom , outwardly similar to a fur pom-pom or a handful of spaghetti. Each type of mushroom has its own characteristics, useful or, on the contrary, harmful properties: that is why experienced mushroom pickers recommend collecting and eating only well-known varieties.


A variety of mushroom species

Today, specialists count more than 100 thousand species of various mushrooms , which can be both edible and very poisonous.

Edible mushrooms , which have a very high nutritional value, are often called "forest meat". There is a special classification that allows you to divide the most popular types of mushrooms into separate groups :

  • Bolet family. These include buttercups, porcini mushrooms , birch trees, aspen trees, oak trees, and bryophytes.

  • The chanterelle family. In this group, mostly, chanterelles of various varieties - ordinary, yellowish, tubular, etc.

  • The family of syroizhki — ryzhiki, gruzdi, syroizhki, valui,

  • Milk cartilage.

  • Truffle family. In this family, the tastiest and most expensive mushrooms are summer truffles, Italian truffles, and Perigorsk truffles.

Mushrooms not only grow independently in the wild, but are also successfully cultivated by humans in specially created conditions. Champignons and oyster mushrooms are considered the most common "domestic" mushrooms , they are widely used in the cooking of different countries.


Useful properties of mushrooms

Thanks to their unique composition, mushrooms are successfully used not only in the kitchen, but also in science and medicine. These organisms contain all biologically valuable components: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, trace elements, various groups of vitamins. At the same time, the basis of mushrooms is ordinary water, which makes up almost 90% of the product content. Due to this, mushrooms are considered one of the most low-calorie, dietary and easily digestible dishes.

The rich vitamin series has a positive effect on the full functioning of the nervous, cardiovascular, and digestive systems. Thanks to the regular consumption of mushrooms , you can keep your skin, nails and hair in excellent condition for a long time. Mushrooms strengthen blood vessels, remove cholesterol from the blood, and also have a high anti-cancer effect.

For their healing and nutritional properties, such types of mushrooms as chanterelles, buttercups, porcini mushrooms, porcini mushrooms , under-birch mushrooms, porcini mushrooms , boletus mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, and porcini mushrooms are considered the most valuable.


Taste qualities of mushrooms

Experienced mushroom pickers know well which mushrooms are considered the most delicious and useful. For convenience, a special classification was created that divides all edible mushrooms into 4 groups, starting from the most valuable and ending with fairly mediocre taste.

  • The first category includes, of course, the well-known truffles, porcini mushrooms , boletus mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, and porcini mushrooms - they contain the highest level of mineral substances.

  • The second category is mushrooms , which are less rich in nutrients and not so delicate in taste: champignons, champignons, chanterelles.

  • The third category includes mushrooms , which are even poorer in terms of taste and nutritional qualities — boletus, champignons, and morels.

  • The fourth group also refers to edible mushrooms , but their taste indicators are not appreciated by all gourmets - rain mushrooms, champignon mushrooms, champignon mushrooms, and porcini mushrooms.


Mushrooms in cooking (PREMIUM)

Mushrooms are widely used in cooking, representing a huge area of ​​activity for professionals. Mushrooms can be fried, dried, pickled, salted, and made into soups. They go well with vegetables and meat , can be a great side dish or serve as an independent dish.

Gourmets all over the world single out the variety of truffles from the huge variety - one of the most valuable and expensive mushrooms . The truffle has become a real business card of refined French cuisine, having received such flattering epithets as "black diamond" and "capricious prince". It is known that truffles are often collected with the help of dogs and even pigs, which perfectly distinguish the subtle aroma of the delicacy in the air. Among the less expensive, but no less popular types are porcini mushrooms , porcini mushrooms, champignons, oyster mushrooms and many others. 

You can also prepare various sauces from mushrooms , use them as fillings for appetizing baked goods. They are often grilled, resulting in an aromatic and hearty dish. Mushrooms are ideal for culinary experiments, allowing chefs to show all their imagination and ingenuity in the cooking process.

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