Published at: 01/07/2018

In this article will talk about nutrition with gastritis. The insidious irritation of the gastric mucosa requires special arrangements which may alleviate a few days after his initiation.

Diet is a basic necessity in the treatment of the disease

Diagnosed with gastritis you or put themselves diagnosed? If you enter the group of hypochondrites, then read the next lines. First, let me say what a gastritt: this is a disease that affects the gastric mucosa. At the beginning is usually inflammation and, when left untreated, may progress to ulceration, erosions or polyps. Then the disease is agonizing.

Second, you need to specify the location of the stomach. Many people believe that by the term 'belly' means 'stomach' and vice versa. Also, they point out issues, below the navel, whereas there is the stomach. In fact, it is located just below the heart. Literally — under the left breast.

Therefore, every symptom, he showed up in a different place than that indicated, it could refer to an entirely different disease.

How to discern the gastritis?

It is manifesting after eating. Sometimes 20 minutes, other times it takes 2 hours to be activated with the familiar symptoms – pronounced local pain, swelling and sometimes gas, heartburn or vomiting.

Do not rush to despond yourself

Sometimes the stomach lining subside for a day or two. Often when eating acidic foods, she becomes inflamed, but it does not last very long. To help her healing, start with food products that are easy to digest.

Stress is a major cause

It was found that the main cause of gastritis is stress. Over 50% of the adult population of the Western world has this disease. This is explained by the fact that when you get angry, increase salivation, and it in turn, fool the stomach, there's going to be a meal. Accordingly, began an intense burst of gastric acid, which bathes the lining so it becomes inflamed.

Bad diet continues to be a major pest

Of course, poor nutrition, including acidic foods – mostly fried and hard, contribute to the development of the disease.

Do not starve yourself if you have gastritis

It is wrong to believe that starving symptoms will subside. On the contrary! Many people, fearful of the risk the stiff penalties, decided to undergo a serious diet, but after a few weeks that have caused another 'disaster'. After a long and painful diet, it is possible to receive a dermatological problems. By the way, when not taking enough vitamins from food, you facilitate for the development of additional health problems. Your immune system weakened, and with it opens the field for the development of bacterial diseases. By the way, if you are prone to develop 'varicose veins', it most likely will get them. Of course, this is an example that can be replaced with any other disease.


Once we've established the basic details about the disease, gastritis, now let's talk about diet. Note that the diet, which follow is 80% of your treatment, and sometimes is quite enough to get rid of the disease.

How long do you have to be on a diet?

Treatment is strictly individual. In some patients, it can continues between 5 to 10 days, and in others up to and more than a month. It is important to say that the varied diet is extremely important in this period, because the entire food groups should be excluded from the menu.

Do not stop the diet as soon as the absence of symptoms

The symptoms that you have goes away, you must not be soothing. If you have the feeling that things are OK, continue with the diet for at least another five days.

Gastritis returns seasonal

Gastro-intestinal complaints occur most often in the early spring and in the autumn.

Eat more often and with smaller quantities

Very important rule is to eat at least four times a day: breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack and dinner. The portions must not exceed 300 grams, while females rather not more than 250 g. Eat slowly.

Soft and thermally processed foods are a priority

Prepared steamed, boiled or baked should be all foods that you decided to enjoying at least during the first days of the 3-5 treatment. Then you can insert in your menu and raw products.

Do not start with a sharp eating raw foods

This applies to all prohibited by diet foods. Get back your typical eating mode gently. When you were the mode is fine smoothly to drop a little of the prohibited foods to stresirate not my stomach.

Alkaline foods should hold sway

The favourable environment for the stomach is more alkaline. This means that you need to avoid foods that are oxidised. These are all products prepared by frying. Roasting process itself leads to oxidation. Even mostly alkaline food like bananas (they are a weak acid) when you go through planning (Browning), now become particularly acidic for our stomach.

Acidic foods that irritate the gastric mucosa


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