The amount of about 80 g of cooked salmon contains 133 calories, 5 g of fat, 0 g of carbohydrates , 22 g of protein. The same amount provides 82% of the daily requirement of vitamin B 12, 46% of the selenium needed for the day, 28% niacin, 23% phosphorus, 12% thiamine, 4% vitamin A and 3% of the iron needed for the day
Salmon also contains certain amounts of cholesterol
From a number of studies, it is clear that the consumption of fish and seafood reduces the risk of obesity , diabetes and cardiovascular disease and at the same time helps to maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels. 
Seafood is extremely important for providing omega-3 fatty acids , which can be found in significantly few foods. Said amount of 80 g contains about 1,500 mg of useful fats
According to a study on heart health , high intake of DHA and EPA - long-chain fatty acids found in fish - can reduce the risk of heart attack. 
According to data from studies in people in crops that consume large amounts of fish, the number of deaths due to heart disease is almost twice less than in Western countries. 
Selenium is a necessary substance for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland . According to a meta-analysis in the field, people who have a thyroid problem and low levels of selenium in the blood have significant benefits from taking selenium . Including weight loss and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes
Syom d s an excellent source of important nutrients.