Couples who need to take care of themselves eat more fruits and vegetables than families with children, according to a new British study.

Researchers at the University of Reading have found that parents are more likely to use unhealthy products than childless couples.

Contrary to all logic, levels of fruit and vegetable consumption decrease with the presence of children, says Prof. Richard Tiffin of the research team.

It turns out that couples with children buy less meat and more dairy products, cereals and potatoes. Low-income people are more likely to make poor food choices, adds Prof. Tiffin.

Households that have high costs tend to consume proportionally more meat, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, the results of the study show.

It is well known that the habits of parents are passed on to children. The food consumed by adolescents has a significant impact on their health at a later stage in life, the study authors emphasize.