Published on: 26/07/2018 | Last Updated: 26/07/2018

In this article we are going to talk about the popular bio products on the market and what actually makes these products bio.

Bio foods are certified

They are marked as bio due to their verified origin, as well as the way they are being processed and acquired. In other words, bio foods are foods that meet certain requirements and standards.


Natural products are not always subject to regulations.

Foods that are not labeled as bio don’t have guarantee for their origin.


Bio farming uses eco acquisition methods

Natural fertilizers, natural pesticides, mechanical weed removal - these are some of the guarantees from the regulators when the product is bio. Antibiotics and hormones are totally excluded and the animals are fed with bio food, too.


The source of BIO foods is essential

Not all products on the market are actually BIO. There are many imitations that are labeled as BIO. Moreover, in many countries worldwide, BIO regulation is not at a very high level and there are gaps which allow such things as fake BIO labels.


Choose providers who are trustworthy and who really offer certified BIO foods.


BIO products have more nutritional value than the other products. They are considered to be:

(1) richer in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

(2) the cultivation of BIO crops requires more work and is therefore more expensive

(3) pesticides and fertilizers are used in their cultivation, just as with natural products


In reality, BIO products do not always have more nutritional value. The quality of the products is mainly determined by the type of soil they are cultivated in. If the soil is not in good condition, the products won’t have a good nutritional value – this applies for both BIO and natural products. Because of that, many BIO products don’t taste better than their organic alternatives.


The taste is also determined by the freshness

Many foods are harvested while still green which means that they mature while they are being imported/exported. This is why home-made fruits and vegetables always have better taste values. They are being cut off after they were already ripe.


BIO production generates more harmful emissions and causes pollution. Also, BIO does not guarantee a "happy hen", meaning that the way of production is not always humane.


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