Strength, Health And Taste - In 50 G Per Meal

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Strength, Health And Taste - In 50 G Per Meal

The strength of the whole grain, combined with a balanced diet and physical activity, reduces the level of bad cholesterol ...

The benefits of whole grain breads for our health, strength, self-confidence and tone are complex and varied, as is the richness of the whole grain.

Vital body:

When the body works well, it pays off with strength, tone and mood. Wholemeal bread stimulates and takes care of proper digestion. Combined with vegetables, dairy and meat products, it contributes to a maximally good stomach, and hence - to a healthy and vital organism.

Healthy weight: Moderate but healthy eating is the key to beautiful body vision and well-being. With its high level of fiber, wholemeal bread is an indispensable partner in regulating healthy weight. It satisfies and helps us not to overeat.

Healthy heart: The strength of the whole grain, combined with a balanced diet and physical activity, reduces the level of bad cholesterol so that we have a healthy and vital heart that works well for us for many years.

Strength and energy: To have enough strength and to cope with daily challenges and pleasures, we need quality energy. Wholemeal bread is an indispensable natural "fuel". Its slow carbohydrates, combined with natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements, charge us with quality energy. The body pays for this natural charge with health and energy in the long run.

Happiness and pleasure:In order to live fully, we must first of all feel happy. And as we know, a varied and healthy diet delivers pleasure and strength, synthesizing the hormone of happiness serotonin. Vita Balance and Vita Silhouette wholemeal breads have a very rich taste and offer endless possibilities for combining with other appetizing foods.

The breads from the Vita Balance Series contain at least 60% wholemeal flour and combine all the useful qualities of the whole grain with their incredible taste, softness and variety.

The diet breads from the Vita Silhouette series "without white flour" are 100% wholemeal. They are a faithful ally in maintaining a beautiful figure, because they help us make the diet effective, but also good for health and pleasant to the taste.

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