You Will Forget About Sweets: The Best Way To Get Rid Of Sugar

Marko Balašević Author: Marko Balašević Time for reading: ~2 minutes Last Updated: November 26, 2022
You Will Forget About Sweets: The Best Way To Get Rid Of Sugar

How to get rid of sugar addiction? Stop using sweets for 4 weeks. Follow your diet and don't stay hungry. Do not use sugar substitutes.

Can't deny yourself sweets and sweet water? Then find out how to get rid of this bad habit forever!

Your plan for 4 weeks

You should definitely be patient for 3-4 weeks. Getting rid of sugar addiction is not easy, and you should be prepared for the fact that the first time will be especially difficult for you.

In its action, sugar resembles cocaine! It promotes the production of hormones of happiness, after which you feel a rush of joy. Your taste buds are "spoiled" by sweets, so they need to be weaned from this bad habit. As a rule, it takes 4 weeks. If you can deny yourself sugar for 4 weeks, consider that you have successfully overcome this marathon. You have weaned your receptors from sweets, and now you can enjoy fruits, not just sweets and cakes.


If a sharp rejection of sugar is not for you, then resort to the tactics of gradual restriction. For example, dilute the juices and sweet water you drink with water (gradually increasing the dose of water). Reduce portions of desserts and replace dairy products with lower-calorie desserts with fiber.

Don't stay hungry…

... But don't overeat either. Pay attention to your diet. A full breakfast, lunch and dinner are key conditions for the body to not so aggressively demand sugar.

Enrich your diet with fiber, as well as products with a high protein content (eggs, cheese, lean meat). It has been found that eating protein for breakfast (such as scrambled eggs) will help you eat 18% fewer calories throughout the day and not experience a strong craving for sweets.



Don't overdo it

Some people avoid all foods that contain sugar. It is not necessary to do this, otherwise you risk breaking down and accumulating negative emotions. You don't need to deny yourself fruit. Moreover, fruits can become your weapon in the fight against the addiction to sweets.

You can afford 2-3 servings of fruit a day with a small amount of sour cream or cream. You just don't need to eat dried fruit. They are very high in calories and contain no less sugar than candy.

Don't rely on sugar substitutes

Trying to get rid of sugar addiction with the help of artificial sweeteners is a road to nowhere. Sugar substitutes may help you reduce the calorie content of your diet (if, for example, you use them instead of sugar for tea or coffee), but they will not save you from addiction. The thing is that sugar substitutes are several times sweeter than sugar, and your receptors will still react to them as sugar, or even stronger. By using sugar substitutes, you are only deceiving yourself. In addition, artificial sweeteners are harmful to health, so it is better to refuse them.


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