Overweight and excess subcutaneous fat, especially in the abdomen, are a major risk factor for a number of diseases, including pancreatic cancer , US researchers are quoted as saying by Reuters.

The results of recent studies show that being overweight poses an increased risk of cancer in both sexes, but women are more at risk.

The authors of the study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, explain that the risk of pancreatic cancer increases in proportion to the increase in waist circumference.

Pancreatic cancer occupies one of the leading positions in malignant neoplasms and despite advances in medicine and in particular oncology, its treatment is long, difficult and with little success.

Pancreatic cancer originates from the epithelial, lining, tissue, or epithelial tissue of the ducts. Under the influence of a number of causes in the pancreas begins to change the structure of cells. The so-called atypical (immature) cells appear, from which the tumor is built. Pancreatic cancer can affect the head, body, tail or the entire gland.

Pancreatic cancer has no specific signs in its course. Early diagnosis is difficult and often when the first complaints appear, the disease is already spread to other organs of the body.

Researchers advise women who have weight problems to regularly monitor not only their weight but also their body mass index.