10 Dishes Whose Names You Did Not Know

Joe Fowler
Author: Joe Fowler Time for reading: ~2 minutes Last Updated: October 15, 2022
10 Dishes Whose Names You Did Not Know

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Let's find out where to find such a dish as posykunchik and what they eat shilpildok with.

Let's find out where to find such a  dish  as posykunchik and what they eat shilpildok with.


A hybrid of sushi and burrito. The name  (and the  dish ) was invented in California. From the sushi  , the dish  got nori seaweed and rice, from the burrito - a gigantic size. Sushirito is prepared with fish, vegetables, seafood, mushrooms and seasoned with Asian and Latin American sauces.




The most famous dessert in Macau got its  name  from the word sawdust. It is easy to prepare at home: whip the cream well with condensed milk, spread it in layers with crushed cookies and let it infuse in the refrigerator for several hours.



Abkhaz sauce from matzo with adjika. The name literally   translates as salt water. It is often prepared from sour cream with adjika, but it is better to use matzoni and be sure to add some greens. The version with green adjika is no less tasty, but not as spicy.



A traditional  dish  of Uyghur cuisine. To prepare it, you need to mix boiled noodles with pieces of custard starch, thinly sliced ​​omelet and vegetables. In Kyrgyzstan, where  the dish  has become the most popular, competitions are held for the speed of eating it.



In Italian, this word means "slice". This is what a dessert can be called, for example, a portioned cake. Or a piece of fish with a bone like a steak.



The Uzbek analogue of beshbarmak, a Kazakh  dish  made of meat and dough. Despite the boring description, a plate with aromatic broth, wide noodles and tender meat will appear on the table.



Komi-Permian  dish , small fried patties with meat filling - beef, pork or lamb. The filling is so juicy that the broth oozes out of the bitten piece. Meat for pies is finely chopped, or chopped, hence the  name of the  dish .



Strictly speaking, it's a sauce. For example, horseradish fried in oil is marinated in it. The sauce gives them a sweet and sour taste. This  dish  became avant-garde for the Japanese during their acquaintance with European culture and cuisine several centuries ago. Nanba means foreign, and zuke means pickled. Europeans brought to Japan previously unknown hot chili peppers and onions on the islands. These ingredients quickly gained popularity. On their basis, nanbazuke marinade was created, which consists of classic Japanese Hondashi, rice vinegar, soy sauce and sugar, but with the addition of novelties - hot pepper and onion.



Not the most popular Turkish fast food, fried lamb shanks. The lamb's heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys are strung on a spit, wrapped with intestines, fried, then chopped and seasoned with spices. Served in a bun, like a hot dog, or with vegetables. It turns out hearty, spicy and very tasty.

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