10 Unusual Tea Recipes For A Warm Autumn Morning

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Author: Alexander Bruni Time for reading: ~3 minutes Last Updated: November 29, 2022
10 Unusual Tea Recipes For A Warm Autumn Morning

Useful and tasty tea recipes. Strengthening immunity in autumn and winter. Tea for cheerfulness, soothing tea, tea instead of breakfast, spiced tea. Healthy food in autumn.

When it's cool outside, it's good to drink delicious tea. Allow yourself to experiment, and try to start every morning with a new tea. You'll see, you'll like it.

Tea with cinnamon and apple

Adding a few thin slices of aromatic apple and a stick of cinnamon to black or green tea is quick. Warm and fragrant autumn tea is ready in three minutes.

Raspberry-mint sweetness

Bringing a lot of summer into a quiet autumn morning will be very useful. A few fresh or frozen raspberries, a sprig with three or four mint leaves, half a teaspoon of honey. You will get freshness and mental balance. Mint and raspberry are perfectly combined in taste, and at the same time complement each other's beneficial properties. At the same time, such tea can be drunk without restrictions. It will be very useful for vegetative-vascular dystonia, indigestion, heartburn, biliary tract dyskinesia.

Strawberry and linden

Another summer combination of aromas and tastes. For tea, you can use dried or fresh strawberry berries, and even twigs and leaves. Linden and strawberries are placed in a teapot and filled with water of 90-95 degrees. Close the kettle and wait 10 minutes. now you can enjoy delicious tea, and if you want to sweeten it, add a little honey.


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Raspberries with milk / cream

This tea will calm you down and set you up for productive work throughout the day. Pour raspberry berries with boiling water 1/1, after five minutes add another part of milk or cream. If it is difficult for you to have breakfast or you want to add a few calories to your breakfast, this drink will be a good addition.

Black tea with ginger and lemon

It is almost a classic in the cold season. The combination of lemon with ginger and black tea invigorates and adjusts the immune system for active work. The warming effect of this tea can be used for winter trips to work on foot. A thermos with tea will be an excellent addition to the landscape and a good morning.

Black tea with cherries

Try adding cherries to tea instead of lemon. It is very tasty. The cherry adds the necessary acidity and tartness, but feels softer than the lemon. Brewed in a glass teapot, this tea looks very beautiful and warm.

Sea buckthorn with apple and mint

The composition increases the protective functions of the body, and a cup of such tea will help you get to work unharmed. 2 parts sea buckthorn, 1 part mint, 1 part apples. The water temperature is 90-95 degrees. Pour in the ingredients and stir them a little with a spoon in the water, let them infuse for 10 minutes. So that the tea does not cool down during this time, cover it with an insulating cap. This tea can also be brewed in a thermos: the more it is infused, the tastier it is.


Autumn spices

Cinnamon - 1 part, clove - 1 part, nutmeg - 1 part, black tea - 2 parts. Combine everything and pour boiling water into the kettle. Add sugar to taste, and milk if desired. This tea is a great way to start the day, especially if you are traveling in autumn weather.

Sea buckthorn with orange and cinnamon

The sunny combination of color and taste will provide warmth on an autumn or winter morning. Half a glass of sea buckthorn, one sliced ​​sweet orange, a teaspoon of star anise, a stick of cinnamon and honey to taste. Combine everything and pour 600 ml of hot water. It is better to add honey already in the cup.

Blueberry and hazelnut with honey

A tablespoon of blueberries, a teaspoon of black tea, a teaspoon of walnut partitions. Pour 600 ml of boiling water over everything and leave under an insulating cap or in a thermos for 10 minutes. Add honey to taste before drinking.



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