Disclosure of the health benefits of red wine are usually confined to mention the beneficial effect on the activity of the heart , which has been proven long ago. Today, however, provides an opportunity to pay more attention to the ancient drink and to reveal another very positive effect of its consumption.


Red wine is increasingly seen as a rich source of probiotics to stimulate the intestinal flora and improve the activity of the intestinal tract.


The popularity of probiotic bacteria has grown significantly in recent years and they are added to the composition of a variety of foods. However, there are also foods that are naturally rich in probiotics . Such are most fermented foods and, along with yogurt, red wine is leading among them.


The fermentation of grapes allows the rapid development of beneficial bacteria for the intestinal flora , which, however, are destroyed by the distillation process and so their highest content is in wine products. In addition, the polyphenolic compounds in red wine stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the gut ( bifidobacteria and lactobacilli ) and inhibit the growth of potentially dangerous ones.


And while the consumption of red wine can not be prescribed as a stand-alone measure to strengthen the intestinal flora and improve digestion and immunity , the day designated as a celebration of wine, the benefits of it can not be ignored.


Combining a glass of red wine with a full menu at the festive table unlocks pleasant communication, helps to complement the tastes, and facilitates the assimilation of food . The diverse composition of red wine stimulates the production of gastric juice, which reduces the residence time of food in the stomach.



If we regularly choose lighter foods for dinner, consuming them with a glass of red wine will eliminate the risk of heaviness in the stomach and bloating after dinner. And eliminating the risk of such discomfort is an important condition for any holiday meal.


Studies reveal why red wine and red meats complement each other so well. It has been found that the proteins in meat soften the effect of tannins in wine, which in turn works successfully to eliminate some digestive products released during the metabolism of meat.


Thus, a glass of red wine with dinner, especially today, is a very useful tool in more ways than one.