Everything you consume directly affects your health, but it also affects body odor . What are the foods that can make it worse?


Just a glass of beer or wine from time to time may not cause a bad odor, but it can cause bad breath in the morning. 
Alcohol enters the blood and the whole body, and some of it seeps through the pores . When sweating, a person begins to smell of alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates the mouth, even the urine acquires a faint odor.


The morning refreshing drink can not only wake up the brain , but also activate the sweat glands. Coffee is a diuretic that brings a feeling of thirst and leads to unpleasant taste and odor. Dry mouth significantly contributes to the growth of bacteria

Curry and cumin 

Spices such as curry and cumin can add color to a dish. On the other hand, they can worsen the body's natural odor, which remains in the pores for days. 
Some scientists even believe that if a pregnant woman's diet includes regular consumption of strong spices such as curry, cumin or fenugreek, it is possible to affect the aroma of the baby 's skin

Red meat

A 2006 study published in the journal Chemical Senses found that the body odor of people whose diets did not include meat was much more pleasant and less intense. 
The reason is due to the time it takes for large quantities of meat to pass through the digestive tract, during which time it begins to rot. As a result, the smell of sweat and breath worsens.