Carambola , also known as star fruit, is an exotic fruit that has a characteristic green-yellow color. It is extremely rich in vitamin C , and the amount of one cup of sliced ​​fruit provides 76% of the body's daily need for the vitamin. 
This quality is extremely useful against flu , colds , and any other type of infection . Science has proven that people who are in very cold climates, the risk of cold half less when you consume adequate amounts of vitamin C
Another reason it is a key vitamin is that it is needed for the formation of collagen  in bones, tendons , blood vessels. It also supports the process associated with the absorption of iron. 
Among the most well-known unpleasant effects of vitamin C deficiency is scurvy . Although rare, the condition can have serious consequences. Treatment begins with vitamin C .
Star fruit also contains dietary fiber , honey, pantothenic acid and potassium, although in smaller quantities. B vitamins such as riboflavin, folic acid and pyridoxine are also among the substances that can be found in the exotic fruit.
A medium-sized fruit contains about 30 calories and a large amount of fiber . These qualities make carambola a great choice for those whose goal is to lose weight. Helps with constipation and digestive problems .
Consumption of starfish prevents the absorption of "bad" LDL cholesterol , while at the same time to some extent protects against colon cancer .
The antioxidants contained in the fruit have their benefits, including neutralizing harmful free radicals that can cause inflammation. The flavonoids quercetin, epicatechin and gallic acid also have health benefits. 
It is recommended to consume the fruit in moderation, as it contains fructose , which can damage the teeth when in excessive amounts.