Cinnamon has been used as a spice for centuries. There are cakes that are hard to imagine without the exotic aroma. However, the beneficial effect of the spice on the body is not so popular ...

A teaspoon of brown, resembling cocoa, powder contains 1.4 grams of fiber, which has the property to have a positive effect on intestinal peristalsis. The spice is a good source of iron and calcium. However, cinnamon is most useful with its ability to lower blood sugar levels. For this purpose it is enough to consume - one teaspoon a day.

The spice used in the embalming mixture to perpetuate the pharaohs also acts as an ant repellent.

Otherwise, cinnamon sticks are obtained from the dried bark of an evergreen tree. There are mainly two types of cinnamon: Cassia and the sweeter type Ceylon. The largest producer of cinnamon is Sri Lanka.