A team of experts from the World Cancer Research Foundation found that coffee consumption has a protective effect on health in systemic alcohol abuse, in particular, reduces the risk of developing liver cancer. The risk in this case is reduced by 14% for each cup of coffee consumed during the day.
Although proving this connection, scientists do not specify the recommended amount of coffee to be consumed. It should not be forgotten, however, that along with its beneficial properties, coffee has its negative consequences such as increased heart rate and high blood pressure .
In 2013, the same team found that coffee consumption could reduce the risk of uterine cancer.
From the data of the present analysis it is also clear that the consumption of three alcoholic beverages a day is sufficient for the development of liver cancer
There is also a strong link between obesity and liver cancer. Researchers explain that physical activity and fish consumption can also reduce the risk of developing cancer, but further research is needed before conclusions can be drawn. 
The results are based on an analysis of 34 different studies, where the total number of participants was 8.2 million, of which 24,500 had liver cancer. Previous analyzes have found that alcohol consumption has been linked to a number of malignancies , including liver cancer. 
Scientists advise women to limit alcohol consumption to one drink a day, with men - to two, writes the Daily Mail