Cold Water Before, During And After Meals

Published on: 22/07/2021 | Last Updated: 17/10/2021
Cold Water Before, During And After Meals

In the not-so-distant year 1969, radiologists had to keep barium porridge in a person's stomach for the time required to perform an X-ray examination. It turned out that if the mess

In the not-so-distant year 1969, radiologists had to keep barium porridge in a person's stomach for the time required to perform an X-ray examination. It turned out that if the porridge is taken without pre-heating (immediately after removing it from the refrigerator), it "leaves" the stomach faster than radiologists are able to adjust the then not perfect apparatus (1969).

Experts are interested in this fact, conduct experiments and find that if cold drinks are consumed during a meal (cold water or carbonated drink with ice, for example), the residence time of food in the stomach is reduced from 4-5 hours to 20 minutes. . That is, when we drink cold water, the amount we eat is literally pushed out of the stomach.


What happens when drinking cold water during a meal?

First of all, it is a shortcut to obesity, because in this way a person can not be satisfied and the feeling of hunger occurs very quickly after you have eaten. The second point is that e Ava start to decay processes in the gut for normal digestion is not really normal.

By the way, this is probably the way in which large fast food chains make huge profits. Eating a hamburger, sandwich, hot dog, pizza or anything else in the company of an iced drink, one will never be satisfied with fast food and will always want more and more, and more ... Probably for the same purpose the price of hot drinks is increased or they are not offered at all in such places.

Drinking a cold drink after a meal prevents the complete processing of the proteins contained in the products we have taken. These proteins will not be broken down into amino acids.

Food quickly leaves the stomach, and all protein elements will rot in the intestines (unprocessed protein begins to rot relatively quickly at a temperature of 36.6 degrees). Thus, not only is money spent on the product, but instead of benefit, the result is harm, causing intestinal inflammation (colitis, enteritis) and dysbacteriosis.


Do not drink cold drinks before and after meals. Their temperature should not be lower than room temperature. The same goes for ice cream - consumed after eating will give the same effect.


Does cold water quench thirst?

Another popular misconception is that cold water quenches thirst faster than liquid at room temperature. Physiologists explain that this is not the case. The body needs more time to absorb it, because it must first be warmed in the stomach to body temperature.

Water at room temperature (and even more warm) is absorbed immediately and immediately quenches thirst.

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