Although these days the same team of researchers found that moderate drinking - up to 2 glasses for men and one for women - is actually beneficial and reduces the risk of dementia and cognitive decline with aging - these negatives are inevitable in systemic alcohol abuse .

However, inflammation of nerve cells and their death from excessive alcohol consumption can be prevented with ... oily fish.

It turns out that the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil, and in particular docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), prevent brain damage otherwise caused by alcohol.

The team from the University of Chicago Loyola in collaboration with the University of Kentucky and the US National Institute on Alcohol Dependence after a meta-analysis came to the conclusion that in cases of systemic alcohol abuse 90% less damage to neurons and their loss when there is daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, reports PLOS ONE magazine .
According to scientists, fish oil gives hope for a solution on how to prevent cognitive decline in alcoholics, although more research is needed to confirm its effect. According to them, the only sure way to avoid brain damage from alcohol is to reduce its consumption to moderate amounts.

Some time ago, another team refuted the long-held myth that alcohol helps with heart problems . In fact, their research has proven just the opposite - reducing its consumption to moderate can reduce the risks to heart health.


Frequently lifters should keep in mind another finding that in the case of systemic alcohol abuse, the lateral habenula in the brain changes the body 's sensitivity to its negative effects, which may explain why from now on drinks only act when swallowed quickly. This, in turn, requires higher consumption of alcoholic beverages and leads to a vicious circle.

Scientists have also found that when the lateral habenula is inactive, those affected are unable to learn from their experience and their cognitive development stops . This is another explanation for why they can't learn from another binge.