Effective Exercises For Weight Loss

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Effective Exercises For Weight Loss

One diet is not enough to lose weight. Physical activity allows you to burn extra calories and improve metabolism.

One diet is not enough to lose weight. Physical activity allows you to burn extra calories and improve metabolism.

A comprehensive approach

Everyone knows that effective weight loss is achieved by combining proper diet with physical activity. If you limit yourself only to a diet, then after losing weight, you risk getting a flabby body with sagging skin, since your muscles will not be in good shape. In addition, without physical exertion, metabolic processes slow down. The body does not feel well fed and gradually adjusts to an economic mode of operation. Now he has every calorie on his account and his body will not burn them in vain. Thus, when you quit the diet, you risk gaining the lost pounds with excess. It often happens that after a diet, a person gains even more than he lost.

If you systematically do sports, then the need for a strict diet will disappear, since you will regularly lose a certain number of calories per day. Moreover, a toned muscular system will consume much more energy. That is, by developing muscles, you will speed up your metabolism, thus the process of losing weight will go faster. However, it is worth considering that if you do sports, that is, you can do whatever you want and whenever you want. The low-carb diet remains in force. The main thing here is to count calories. Strictly calculate the daily caloric intake and lost energy per day. Today it is very easy to do. The energy value of each product is known, and the energy expenditure for one or another type of physical activity can be easily calculated in the so-called calorie calculators.


Here we will consider the most effective types of physical activity that will allow you to lose weight in a short time.

Sport walking


It is difficult to find an alternative to walking! This is probably the most effective and at the same time safe type of exercise. Even very heavy people can walk, as running with too much body weight is contraindicated. It is best to walk in the forest or in the park. Fresh air will saturate your cells with oxygen, which activates the processes of fat oxidation. It is noted that walking helps to fight stress, which is often found in overweight people. If it is not possible to set aside time for walking, then do it on the way to work. When leaving home to work, walk a couple of stops, and the same amount on the way home. You will feel the result in just 2 weeks.

Bike ride


We have at least six months of warm weather ahead of us. It's time to get on your bike and pedal. For many people who want to lose weight, cycling is a real panacea. In addition to the fact that this is a very effective exercise (you can burn up to 700 kilocalories in one hour of driving!) it is also very pleasant. And this is very important, since you will not need to overexert yourself in order to do sports.

Squats with dumbbells



Stand straight, keep your feet shoulder-width apart and spread your toes slightly. Take dumbbells, arch your back, and let your hands be along your body. In this position, squat while inhaling until the hips are parallel to the floor. You need to stay in this position for a few seconds, then return to the starting position and exhale. This exercise should be performed in 3 sets of 30 times each.

Hula hoop

Classes with a hoop (or hula hoop) are a very effective exercise for those who want to lose extra weight. Devoting 15-20 minutes a day to this activity, you will achieve good results after 10-15 days. Training with a hoop perfectly trains the cardiovascular system. In addition, the exercise massages the internal organs, in particular the intestines, which promotes good digestion and prevents the development of constipation.

Jumping rope


Skipping is a great form of exercise that allows you to get fit. Jumping on a rope for 15 minutes at a speed of 100 jumps per minute, a person with a body weight of 70-75 kilograms loses up to 200 kilocalories! And if you increase the speed to 150-200 jumps per minute, then in the same time you will manage to spend more than 300 kcal! In addition to the lost calories, you will also get rid of sagging skin and tighten your body.


Joining a pool to lose a few pounds is a great idea. If other types of physical activity put a significant load on the spine, it is minimal in swimmers. By swimming for just half an hour, you can burn about 400 kilocalories.

Swimming is great for cellulite. The skin on the thighs is smoothed, and with regular visits, it disappears completely.

There are many other types of physical activity that will help you deal with extra weight. This includes aerobics, dancing, skiing, roller skating, yoga and much more. When choosing a sport, give preference to the one that suits you best. It is very good if you will enjoy playing sports. So you can achieve significant success. And remember, the most important thing in sports is systematicity. An occasional run, swim, or bike ride will put you in a good mood for a while, but it won't solve your underlying problem.


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