Exotic Foods To Improve Your Cholesterol

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Exotic Foods To Improve Your Cholesterol

Consumption of certain foods can have a beneficial effect on blood cholesterol levels.

Not only garlic, but also onions prove to be useful for maintaining normal cholesterol levels. What other products can we influence them with?

We continue with the list of Dr. Stanley Hazen, according to whom the diet including these foods could work to support the program to control high cholesterol. According to him, this contributes to lowering its values ​​by an additional 5-10%. Dr. Stanley Hazen is the head of the Cleveland Clinic's Preventive Cardiology Division. The list that he presents to the public is based on data on the effect of different products in research.

1. Red fermented riceis the food that people with high cholesterol should turn to. There is evidence that its consumption helps to reduce its values ​​by 10 - 30%, due to a specific ingredient in it -  monacolin K. It is part of the medicine lovastatin and like it monacolin blocks the production of cholesterol in the liver, which has the effect of using the available LDL cholesterol in the blood.

2. Tofuor Chinese soy cheese, it turns out, also has a lowering effect on the concentration of bad cholesterol in the blood. There are other soy products, with experts dismissing rumors that they are linked to the development of cancer. According to researchers from Harvard Medical School, consuming 280 grams of tofu or 2 ½ glasses of soy milk a day can improve cholesterol levels by 5-6%. The effect is due to the phytosterols in soy. In addition, these products, although they create the feeling of consuming dairy, do not contain animal cholesterol. It has an effect even if from time to time for a week the usual animal products are replaced by soy.

3. Bergamot- This fruit is a cross between lemon and orange, but more like a lemon with a "wrinkled" green-yellow peel. Apart from the pectin it contains, it is effective against cholesterol with a high concentration of 5 polyphenols. Two of them, melitidine and brutieridine) have the inhibitory effect of statins. Two others suppress the accumulation of LDL cholesterol plaques in the arteries. They are also found in grapefruit. Research is still preliminary, but the data is encouraging - with this interesting fruit can reduce bad LDL by 27% and improve the levels of good HDL cholesterol. Nutritional supplements containing bergamot extracts are also available. In general, fruit oil is used in the production of perfumes, but also for the specific fructus of Earl Gray tea.


4. According to a small study, taking licorice root supplements reduces bad cholesterol and fat. The mechanism by which this action is due is not yet known. It should be borne in mind, however, that the extract of the root of this protein may interact with some drugs such as insulin, laxatives, contraceptives, so their use should be agreed with your doctor. "Candy" from the root of this herb is available in the UK and US. These are pieces of root that have been processed by special technology. They are popular for breakfast. Of course, they are useful without the additives of the food industry. The root is naturally sweet, much more than sugar and far lower in calories than it. Root oil supplements are also available.

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