How often do we feel tired and literally "squeezed" from daily tasks? In such moments we have the greatest need for energy to overcome this condition. 
In general, reported by more women than men, sluggishness can be due to a number of factors, but experts say food is among the main culprits. They say "The food is the real fuel of our body" . And how to provide the necessary "fuel" for our body, experts explain ...
At the very beginning of the day, most people rush to work or school without even thinking about the needs of their body . Usually we justify as say "Who ever has time to eat early in the morning ?!"
According to scientists, people who miss the morning meal already feel tired before it's time for lunch, which should prompt them to change their habits. Studies show that breakfast improves alertness and concentration , helps to lose a few pounds , and prevents overeating during the day. 
This reduces the risk of obesity , diabetes and cardiovascular disease
To "take advantage" of these benefits and prepare your body for the day ahead, experts recommend consuming carbohydrates for energy and protein for endurance. And here are some suggestions:
  • wholemeal bread with cheese;
  • wholemeal toast with peanut butter and fruit;
  • hard-boiled egg with wheat bread;
  • scrambled eggs, toast and fruit;
  • oatmeal with raisins.
We must be careful about the consumption of sugar at breakfast . A study in the field found that children who ate sweet snacks were hungrier and ate more at lunch.