Vitamin D is essential for bone health, in addition to protecting against colds and flu and fighting depression . Apart from the help of the sun, we can get this vitamin through food. What to include in your diet for this purpose?
Oily fish are a great source of vitamin D . Examples are salmon, trout, mackerel, tuna and eel.
The amount of 30 g fillet of salmon , for example contains about 450 IU of vitamin D . The recommended daily amount is 600 IU, and for people over the age of 70 - 800 IU. From the consumption of these seafood we also get a bonus - the heart - healthy omega-3 fatty acids
Some types of mushrooms can also "charge" us with vitamin D. Just like humans, mushrooms often form vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Although most of them grow in dark places, there are some species that are exposed to the sun. 
These are the mushrooms "Portobello", which are a suitable source of vitamin D for vegetarians. In the amount of 80 g of them are found about 400 IU of the valuable vitamin. 
Another convenient way to get it are eggs , which are often part of the main meals, and are contained in various pastries and desserts. 
Because vitamin D is found in egg yolk, it is important to use the whole egg , not just the egg white. One egg yolk provides about 40 IU, but it is not recommended to get the necessary daily intake of the vitamin only in this way. The reason is that one egg contains about 200 mg of cholesterol , and for the day we should not consume more than 300 mg to keep the heart healthy.