The mania to avoid bread , pizza, pasta, pastries is spreading more and more. Proponents of the gluten-free diet claim that it can relieve various ailments - from fatigue to bloating , skin blemishes and hair loss
However, these diets "lighten the wallet, but not the waist," says a scientific report. The data comes from a survey which found that 32% of Britons avoid consuming wheat products because various diets warn about the gluten they contain.
They also admit that they are not fully aware of what exactly gluten is , a protein present in wheat and cereals such as barley and rye. 42% of respondents report that they believe it is a man-made substance and that they do not understand the "science" behind these diets. 
According to Dr. Robert Lilliwaite of the Warwick Crop Center, the effect they can have is a "weakening" of the wallet, rather than long-term health benefits. He recommends that people who cannot consume protein-containing products switch to specialized foods designed for them, instead of avoiding gluten
Consumption of recommended amounts of fiber can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, obesity , and in some cases even cancer. It also improves the health of the digestive system
Gluten-free products may actually have a higher content of additives such as saturated fat , sugar, experts add.