High Blood Sugar Is Risky During Pregnancy. For Children - Up To 25 G Of Sugar Per Day

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High Blood Sugar Is Risky During Pregnancy. For Children - Up To 25 G Of Sugar Per Day

Leading Bulgarian specialists explained in the online edition of the Pregnancy and Child Health Forum on Puls.bg the importance of sugar during pregnancy ...

Once again "Pregnancy and Child Health Forum" on Puls.bg answered important questions of future and current parents. The first of a series of online editions of the Forum was held live on May 30 on the website of Puls.bg and focuses on nutrition for pregnant women and children. 

Within the special studio, leading specialists explained the factors and signs of gestational diabetes and shared that high blood sugar levels are risky for both the pregnant woman and the fetus. 

"At the moment when borderline or higher blood sugar levels are diagnosed, the pregnant woman should consult an endocrinologist - nutritionist. If missed, a bunch of complications can occur. In addition to the development of diabetes in women, it can lead to very serious complications in the fetus, ".

According to him, elevated blood sugar levels are more common in older women. The data show that children of women with high blood sugar are born bigger than others. 

"Quite often they have problems with adaptation after birth. All these things are being corrected, but research shows that these children are prone to develop type 2 diabetes, "said Dr. Dikov. 

Nutritionist Ekaterina Bashur gave valuable advice to expectant mothers on how to control blood sugar levels through their diet. 
"The control of the first meal of the day is very important. I recommend expectant mothers to move smoothly to a ratio of 20% protein, 30% carbohydrates and 50% fat in one meal, "said the specialist. 

With regard to sugar, Bashur advised expectant mothers to replace it with natural sweeteners such as coconut sugar.  


"The daily intake of 6 teaspoons, which is 25 grams, is considered an amount that does not harm the health of children," said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Darlenska. 
She was adamant that children should eat a variety of foods and explained that if the parents are vegetarians, they should not limit the child's meat, because in the long run this can negatively affect his body. 



"Statistics show that in Bulgaria over 80% of 6-year-old children are affected by caries. The unaffected percentage is low compared to other European antiquities. The reason for this is that the preventive examinations are neglected ", said Dr. Pavlina Churlinov. 

According to her, the first preventive examination should be when the child's first tooth appears. In older children, regular visits to the dentist depend on which risk group they fall into. Children who do not have caries should go for a check-up once a year. Those who have one or two caries should visit a dentist every 6 months, and for children with more than two caries examinations should be done every 3 months.   


"Cesarean section is an abdominal operation and carries many times more risks than a normal birth. With a cesarean section, the recovery period is much longer, and so is the hospital stay. The pain may be longer, "said Dr. Georgiev. 

He explained that caesarean section should be used only for medical indications, the most common of which are large fetuses, diabetes, heart and eye diseases. 


"Among the advantages of stem cell storage in Bulgaria is that transport time is reduced. And the storage is done according to world standards ", explained Dr. Yankov. 


"Emotions are our barometer of activity and are important for family relationships. When a child is born, he has only emotions and instincts. The baby learns about the world thanks to the emotional reactions between adults and among themselves, "said the psychologist. 

Traditionally, the "Pregnancy and Child Health Forum" meets the audience with popular Bulgarians, showing them in the light of parents. Singer, actress, and influencer Mona Gochev spoke about the role of a mother and the path to parenthood.

In front of the host of the Forum - the editor-in-chief of Puls.bg Rumyana Taseva, Mona shared that her pregnancy was not planned. 
"I had polycystic ovaries and many doctors told me it would be difficult to get pregnant."

Mona Gochev advised girls with such a diagnosis not to fall into a situation in which they are considered different and seek the right guidelines for their diet and specialists who can help them.



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