How Is Energy Value Calculated?

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How Is Energy Value Calculated?

Why is it necessary to calculate the energy value? Calculation procedure. Requirements for labeling of food products. Necessary documentation. Free consultations.

Before buying food products, the consumer must have the opportunity to familiarize himself with the information on the composition of the product, the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as the energy value. For this reason, the legislation establishes requirements not only for the quality of food production, its safety for human health, but also for labeling.

For this, manufacturers must conduct mandatory tests in accordance with the profile regulations of TR TS. The confirmation of the positive results of the studies is the issuance of a declaration of conformity and marking on the label and packaging of the goods.

For violation of these requirements, the manufacturer must pay a fine. Products may be confiscated, and the enterprise's work may be suspended.

Marking requirements

Indicators of quality of food products are controlled by TR TC regulation No. 021/2011. In order to obtain a product declaration, manufacturers must ensure the availability of technical documentation (technological instructions - TI, technical and technological maps - TTK, technical specifications - TU, etc.), implement a quality management system (QMS) according to the HACCP standard.


Marking rules are contained in TR TS No. 022/2011. In order for the buyer to be able to familiarize himself with the information he needs, the goods must be properly marked. Owners of public opinion organizations record these data in TTK, recipe and menu.

The information indicated on the label and packaging includes:

  • data on the manufacturer and the manufactured products;
  • expiration dates;
  • storage conditions;
  • data on the absence/presence of GMOs, food additives;
  • product composition (dishes) – energy and food value (BZU ratio).

How are the required indicators calculated?

Energy value (calorie) is the energy released when consuming a dish/a separate product. This indicator is expressed in kcal or kJ.

After providing detailed information about the ingredient composition of the product, its composition and manufacturing technology, the following indicators are calculated:

  1. Content of BJU. These data are included in the protocol, on the basis of which the calorie content of the product/dish is calculated.
  2. Energy value is determined in two ways: calculated and laboratory. In the first case, the type and quantitative indicators (weight, volume) of the raw material from which the product is made are included in the calculation of the energy value. The laboratory method is carried out on the basis of regulations and methods contained in the relevant national standards.

What is required for the procedure?

To carry out mandatory studies and calculations, you can contact the certification center. To do this, you need to submit an application and provide:

  • requisites of the organization for the conclusion of the contract and registration documents certifying the fact that the enterprise is operating on a legal basis;
  • a list of products (dishes) for which calculations will be made, their composition, ingredients, preparation technologies;
  • production samples (necessary to determine the caloric content by the method of laboratory tests);
  • valid GOSTs or TUs;
  • technical documentation (TTC, recipe, TI, PPK).

To carry out tests, as well as determine the necessary indicators, the following actions are performed:

  1. Application submission.
  2. Collection of technical documentation, data on the range of products.
  3. Preliminary consultation, choice of calculation method.
  4. Выполнение расчетов, researches in the laboratory, development of the BZU protocol.
  5. Delivery of finished documents to the manufacturer.



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