How To Cook Five Easy Ways To Separate The Yolks From The Whites - Recipe

Published on: 22/09/2021 | Last Updated: 28/09/2021
How To Cook Five Easy Ways To Separate The Yolks From The Whites - Recipe

Learn how to cook "Five easy ways to separate yolks from whites". Delicious recipe.

Every housewife should be able to separate the yolks from the whites , especially if you like to prepare different cakes and other culinary temptations for your loved ones and friends. For beginners in this regard, the egg task is probably difficult, but the moment is important in the preparation of pastries, for example, because the quality of the finished product directly depends on the purity of the protein. Let's see five easy ways to separate the yolks from the whites , which will push you a step further in mastering the science of making desserts.

It is mandatory that the eggs are fresh. The fresher they are, the denser the shell of the yolk and it will be much easier for you to separate it from the egg white, without damaging it and preserving its integrity.
Use chilled eggs, but be sure to wash them with hot water to prevent the risk of salmonella infection.

1. The traditional approach. Break the shell in the middle with a knife or tap it on the edge of a plate. Do this quickly and confidently, but also carefully so as not to touch the shell of the yolk. Start transferring the yolk from one half to the other, passing the egg white into a bowl. The procedure is repeated until only the yolk remains in the shell.

2. An option is to beat the egg and pour the contents into a bowl. Then, using a spoon, carefully separate the yolk from the egg white.


3. The third way is as follows: fold your palm, forming a "boat", break the eggshell and pour its contents into your hand. Allow the protein to drain between your fingers. The yolk will remain in the palm.

4. Pierce the shell of the egg with a needle and allow the egg white to drain into a prepared container. The yolk will remain in the shell, as you can guess.

5. The last way we offer you is to use a paper funnel with a pointed end. Break the shell of the egg, pour the contents into the funnel and let the egg white flow through the hole in a suitable container placed under it.

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