How To Cook How To Reduce Calories In 10 Of Our Favorite Foods - Part One - Recipe

Published on: 22/04/2021 | Last Updated: 23/04/2021
How To Cook How To Reduce Calories In 10 Of Our Favorite Foods - Part One - Recipe

Learn how to cook "How to reduce calories in 10 of our favorite foods - Part One". Delicious recipe.

We all love to eat delicious irresistibilities, whether sweet or not. But usually this does not reflect very well on our figure. So let's see how to reduce the calories in 10 of our favorite foods , replacing some of their ingredients with others, without significantly affecting the taste of the dishes.


Classic blanching is a real calorie bomb that can be neutralized by replacing mascarpone (about 430 kcal) with low-calorie cottage cheese (about 70 kcal). One tip: to get a delicate texture, pass the curd through a sieve, using a spoon.


Cake with butter cream

You can reduce the calories in your favorite cake by replacing the butter (about 700 kcal) with avocado (150 kcal). If you do not like the green shade of cream, add a little cocoa or pumpkin in it. Those of you who prefer a richer chocolate color, let them add 1-2 tablespoons of strong coffee to cocoa.



Replace the meat in the lasagna with chicken and the dough with vegetables. Thinly slice zucchini and eggplant, fry and remove on paper to absorb excess fat.



Eating a bar of chocolate is a real happiness for its passionate fans, but 100 grams contain as much as 500 kcal. Apply the following trick: melt the chocolate and pour it over your favorite fruits. This way you will consume a larger amount of sweetness, which, however, will contain only 70 kcal.


Apple charlotte

To reduce the calories in another culinary temptation, use baby apple puree (70 kcal) in cooking instead of sugar (380 kcal).


In the second part we will continue with more dietary tricks.

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