How To Cook Potato Pie With Fresh Milk, Parmesan And Mozzarella - Recipe

Published on: 15/10/2021 | Last Updated: 19/10/2021
How To Cook Potato Pie With Fresh Milk, Parmesan And Mozzarella - Recipe

Learn how to cook "Potato pie with fresh milk, parmesan and mozzarella". Delicious recipe.

Required products :

1.5 kilograms of potatoes
120 grams of parmesan
100 grams of butter
salt and ground black pepper to taste
grated nutmeg to taste
250 grams of mozzarella
4 lightly beaten eggs
2 tablespoons breadcrumbs

Method of preparation :

Wash the potatoes thoroughly and cook them whole until cooked, without peeling them.
When they cool a bit, peel them and mash with 50 grams of butter to obtain a puree. Add the parmesan, eggs, spices and pour in as much milk as needed to get the right consistency.

Preheat oven to 180 degrees.

Grease a suitable form with oil, sprinkle the bottom and walls with breadcrumbs and spread half of the potato mixture. Arrange pieces of mozzarella on it and a potato layer follows again.
Sprinkle with breadcrumbs on top and put the remaining butter, cut into small pieces.

Bake the dish in the preheated oven until golden (about 40-45 minutes).

Wait 10 minutes before cutting the casserole. The most delicious to eat is the next day.

Enjoy your meal!

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