How To Cook Smoked Chicken Breast Salad With White Beans, Pickles And Croutons - Recipe

Published on: 22/01/2021 | Last Updated: 22/01/2021
How To Cook Smoked Chicken Breast Salad With White Beans, Pickles And Croutons - Recipe

Learn how to cook "Salad of smoked chicken breast with white beans, pickles and croutons". Delicious recipe.

Required products :

  • 1 piece of smoked chicken breast
  • 300-400 grams of canned white beans
  • 100 grams of carrots in Korean
  • 3 slices of bread or baguette
  • 4 pickles
  • mayonnaise to taste


Method of preparation :

Cut the bread into small cubes and bake in the oven until crispy and golden.

Clean the smoked breasts from the bones and skin, cut them into pieces. Pickles also turn into small cubes.

Mix the meat with the vegetables and beans in a bowl, put as much mayonnaise as you want and stir.

Serve the salad with the croutons, adding them just before serving.

Enjoy your meal! 

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