How To Cook Spinach Souffle With Cottage Cheese And Caramelized Peanuts - Recipe

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How To Cook Spinach Souffle With Cottage Cheese And Caramelized Peanuts - Recipe

Learn how to cook "Spinach souffle with cottage cheese and caramelized peanuts". Delicious recipe.

Required products :

200 grams of peanuts
200 grams of sugar
80 grams of spinach
1 teaspoon of salt
30 milliliters of water
50 milliliters of liquid cream with a fat content of 20%
400 grams of cottage cheese
4 eggs


Method of preparation :

Mix the cottage cheese, cream and egg yolks in a suitable bowl.

Wash the spinach, pour boiling water over it for 2 minutes, then chop.

Add 1/3 or 1/2 of the curd to the green leaves. 


Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt.


Mix half of them with the white mass and the other half with the green one.


Put a white layer in suitable molds first.


Then 1 teaspoon of the green combination, again a mixture of cottage cheese and cream.


Continue in the same sequence until the quantities are exhausted.


Arrange the tins in a pan with hot water and place in a preheated 180 degree oven for 35-40 minutes.

Make the decoration with caramel and peanuts.

Pour the sugar into a suitable container and place on the stove. Let it melt, stirring. Add 0.5-1.0 teaspoon of salt.


Cut the peanuts and pour them into the pot with the caramelized sugar. Stir and pour into a tray whose bottom you have covered with greaseproof paper. Flatten and allow to cool.


Then remove the paper and break the caramelized peanuts into pieces.


Decorate the already prepared souffle with them and serve.


Enjoy your meal!

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