How To Cook What Will We Eat In 2050? - Recipe

Published on: 18/01/2022 | Last Updated: 24/01/2022
How To Cook What Will We Eat In 2050? - Recipe

In this article, learn more about How To Cook What Will We Eat In 2050? - Recipe. Learn how to cook "What will we eat in 2050?". Delicious recipe..

In the US, a meeting was held of the most experienced sociologists, nutritionists and psychologists from Washington to make long-term prognosis on food habits of the people for a future is . Scientists and experts are compiling an indicative list of products that will be consumed in 37 years.

The first thing they say with confidence is that it will be necessary to compensate for the lack of sodium in nature. This means that we will have to give up the spice we are so used to - salt. But today, scientists have hired to create a substitute (with the same taste), with which we will be able to season the dishes in the not so distant future. The same fate will befall sugar, according to researchers. The reason is not that sugar beet will stop being cultivated, but because of the need to switch to a diet and to solve the problem of diabetes .

In addition, the consumption of meat and poultry will be reduced. Experts believe that plant proteins will be able to replace meat products, and dairy to compensate for the lack of other nutrients. Such "savings" in gastronomy are mainly related to the expected rise in meat prices due to rising electricity prices.

In the near future, it will simply be necessary to introduce strict bans on the use of colors and additives that affect the taste of food. It is possible that the diet will be significantly changed , but such measures must be taken, because today the impact of various chemicals on the body has already reached immeasurable proportions.

Scientists believe that the main trend is to reduce all excess substances . Of course, those who like to eat delicacies will not be happy with what was written above, but no one knows exactly what will actually happen, these are just guesses.

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