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Nutrition according to age

A special diet has been developed for menopausal women.


General principles:

  • It should be eaten several times a day, the portions should be small. It is necessary to monitor the amount of calories consumed. Fasting is not recommended.
  • The daily portion should include mainly foods of plant origin, so the body gets the necessary vitamins and fiber. Vitamins and other supplements may be needed.
  • Eat as much fish as possible - the nutrients in it strengthen the cardiovascular system and lower cholesterol. Sea fish and products must be present once or twice a week at the table. They contain essential fatty acids, which are especially useful for female sex hormones and functions.
  • The meat must be natural, lean. The most suitable way to prepare it is stewing. Meat semi-finished products are better to avoid and forget about sausages and smoked meats. It is preferable to eat lean beef, chicken, turkey, but not more than once a day.
  • The carbohydrates necessary for the body should be taken in the form of porridge or muesli. Sweets should be kept to a minimum.
  • Mineral water and natural juices are accepted. Consumption of coffee and black tea should be stopped as they increase blood pressure.
  • A way to reduce the caloric content of a portion is by changing the way you prepare food. It is better to prepare stew dishes from the products than to fry them. Cooking on the grill, in the microwave is safer and lower in calories.
  • Reduce salt consumption. The high content of sodium in food leads to fluid retention, which affects weight and increases appetite. Orient yourself to a low-sodium salt enriched with calcium and magnesium.
  • Spices containing glutamate E621 should be avoided as this substance stimulates the appetite. Curry and other spicy spices have the same effect.
  • Eat more fiber foods - vegetables, fruits, fiber bread or "flour-free". Fruits and vegetables supply the body with fluids, which helps to lose weight. In addition, their consumption is a way to overcome constipation. Unloading days a week can be made by eating only fruits and vegetables and bread without salt.
  • Avoid confectionery and sugar, carbonated and other unnatural soft drinks, as well as bananas, grapes.
  • Season the salads with lemon juice, oil, but in limited quantities - apply no more than 2 teaspoons of raw oil, not subjected to heat treatment, and fresh unrefined vegetable oil is more useful. Give up mayonnaise and cream.
  • 1/3 of the protein should come from legumes. This will reduce the caloric content of the portion and increase the amount of incoming ballast substances that fill the stomach and create a feeling of satiety.
  • Low-fat dairy products must be consumed.

Foods high in cholesterol , which should be consumed in moderation:
egg yolks, cream, cheese, trifles, pork, caviar, sausages, ice cream, pasta and confectionery.

Products with medium cholesterol :
sheep, beef, skinless poultry, shrimp and crabs.

Low cholesterol foods:
vegetables, fruits, cereals, pasta, whole grain bread, vegetable oil, fish.


Meat products
Eat lean beef, beef, lamb, avoid pork. Choose meat from ham, shoulder, fillet. Separate the fatty tissues before subjecting the meat to heat treatment.
Try replacing pork and beef with white meat.

Eggs Egg
yolks contain a lot of cholesterol, so you should not eat more than four eggs a week. Protein does not contain cholesterol and is low in calories, so it can be eaten without restriction.

Dairy products
Low-fat dairy products and skimmed cottage cheese are the most suitable products for menopausal women. White cheeses with a fat content of less than 30%, which are rich in calcium and protein. Butter should be limited, but not completely excluded, as it contains vitamins A, D, E.

Fish and seafood
are consumed without restrictions.

Bread, cereals and pasta
are rich in carbohydrates and are a good source of calories with limited consumption of animal fats. Prefer pasta made from coarse grains, bread with fiber, pasta from durum wheat. Products made from butter dough - with eggs, butter and cream are not recommended. Consume muesli with skim milk.

Nuts and especially walnuts have the ability to lower cholesterol. At the same time, however, nuts are high in calories, 84% of their content is fat, which still requires measured consumption.

Regular consumption of brewed, not instant coffee, leads to high cholesterol. Boiling results in the extraction of coffee fats.

Has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, slightly toning it.