Consumption of unhealthy and fatty foods has the same effect on the liver as hepatitis.

According to experts, even just one month of eating unhealthy and high-calorie foods can damage the liver.

The danger comes from the addition of salt, sugar and fat to foods, which makes them more crunchy and tasty, but also more harmful.

The most dangerous for the liver are fried blanched potatoes , onion rings and breaded chicken, experts explain.

The high amount of saturated fat leads to the condition of hepatic steatosis , they added.

Hepatic steatosis is a metabolic disorder in which fat is deposited in the liver cells. The normal amount of adipose tissue in the liver is 5-6% of its total mass. Fatty liver can be said when the fat amounts to 25-30% of the mass of the gland.


As a result of fat deposition, hepatocytes begin to have difficulty performing their functions. Because the liver is key to all the biochemical processes in the body, when it is sick, all organs and systems suffer.

It can be said that steatosis is an insidious disease , as there are no early symptoms for the patient to know that he has a health problem.
When the symptoms typical of the disease appear, the process is significantly advanced. The problem is often found when there is fatty hepatitis and even fatty cirrhosis.

Experts recommend limiting consumption in restaurants or fast food restaurants. Even if fried foods are not consumed, various chemicals are added to the salads of these restaurants to maintain the freshness of vegetables , which have a negative effect on the liver and the body as a whole.