Lime is a citrus fruit, sometimes incorrectly called a green lemon. Although the appearance of lime really resembles an ordinary yellow lemon, the two fruits differ not only in color but also in taste.


Lime, which grows in areas with tropical and subtropical climates, has a green rind that is much thinner than that of lemon and a juicy, pale green flesh.


Lime is extremely useful and at the same time dietary citrus fruit, which can be consumed in large quantities without any negative impact on health, as it does not contain fat, sodium.


The green citrus fruit is refreshing, invigorating and dietary, which makes it suitable for unloading summer diets. A medium-sized fruit weighing about 60-70 grams has only 20 kcal. Lime is an excellent source of fiber, making it an ideal product not only for hara dieters, but also for those with digestive problems. The fruit contains significant amounts of iron (about 2%), phosphorus, potassium (2%), calcium (2%), magnesium and essential oils, is a source of pectin and vitamins.


Lime, as a typical representative of citrus fruits, has an extremely high content of vitamin C and provides approximately 35% of the body's daily needs.


Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, with a key role in the fight against oxidative stress, as well as a cofactor for some enzymes involved in collagen synthesis, fatty acid metabolism and energy supply of biochemical processes and others.

Ascobic acid is important for the synthesis of collagen - a major component of connective tissue and blood vessel walls. It is their fragility and bleeding that are signs of scurvy, a classic example of vitamin C deficiency.


Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that eliminates highly reactive free radicals. They are considered one of the components in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, diabetes, chronic inflammatory diseases, malignant ones and the process of stereos in general.


Vitamin C promotes the absorption of iron and in this line of thought its intake, including in the form of orange juice is indicated in iron deficiency conditions.