If you have decided to get rid of the extra pounds gained in the winter, you should pay attention not only to what you eat, but what fluids you take.

Nutritionists are adamant that strict diets, in which fats, carbohydrates and salt are minimized, often do not give the desired results, for a single reason - liquid calories. Drinking alcohol, carbonated and sweetened beverages, and even whole milk can be the reason for the failure of diets in which we both starve and do not achieve the desired figure.

When we start a diet, we count the calories in each bite, but we often underestimate those we take in through drinks. For example, a glass of white wine has 180 calories, and only with morning coffee with milk we get 260.

Undoubtedly, however, the most caloric are carbonated drinks and sweetened fruit juices.

According to a publication in the specialized edition of the American Dietetic Association, over 22% of the daily caloric intake is due only to soft drinks, juices, coffee, etc. T

For 8 years, researchers at Harvard University observed the eating habits of 5,000 nurses. They noticed that those who regularly drank fizzy drinks consumed an average of 358 calories more than needed for the day. U.S. researchers are adamant that even just one soda a day can cause weight gain.

According to statistics, students in the UK drink an average of two soft drinks a day, which are approximately 300 calories and a significant part of the body's daily needs.

Another study by American researchers shows that high-calorie drinks have a greater effect on weight than food. The results are based on data collected from 800 volunteers.

The authors of the study are adamant that by limiting carbonated and sweetened drinks for only half a year, you will lose a few pounds unnoticed, without even changing your eating habits. If you completely replace high-calorie drinks with water or green tea, the extra pounds will quickly disappear, and you will effortlessly welcome spring in excellent shape.