Are there foods that can help reduce body fat? Definitely, yes, and it depends on the specific nutrients they contain. offers us a list of 9 of them.

Papaya The
exotic fruit contains two enzymes that are related to weight loss. And while the usefulness of one is debatable - papain, because it breaks down proteins, lipase, which is secreted mainly by the pancreas, has the effect of actually breaking down fat.
The disadvantage of the fruit is that its enzymes are found in large quantities only while it is green, and the unripe fruit is firm and not very tasty. It is still preferable to eat alone than to add it to other foods, which can contribute to the deterioration of the taste of the dish.

Pineapple contains the enzyme complex - bromelain, which accelerates the breakdown of fats and proteins. Useful property that helps the digestive process. The value of sunflower is that it can play the role of a complementary element in the prevention of metabolic disorders in the body. With metabolic disorders, it is usually difficult for the body to extract protein from food. To compensate for this deficiency, the absorption of carbohydrates is accelerated. Thus, the problem becomes twofold - weaker muscles and more accumulated fat. When pineapple is added to the menu, the bromelain in it helps the absorption and metabolism of proteins and its derivatives.
However, experts warn that in some specific diseases the consumption of the fruit is unfavorable. Therefore, in case of illness, consult your doctor if there are foods that you should avoid, even when it comes to products that can help lose weight in a healthy way .

More than once we have published information from studies on the good effects of pepper. Its effect on appetite is well known - it stimulates it. It has been shown to improve mood and reduce the sensation of pain. The presence of vitamin C makes pepper and a suitable means of supporting immunity. Capsaicin, contained in the meal temptation, also destroys cancer cells in the body. In general, cassationide enzymes, which are not only found in hot peppers, burn fat. The reason - these substances provoke the body to speed up metabolism and release more heat, which in turn has a detrimental effect on unwanted tissues.

In fact, the key substance is caffeine. This means that in addition to coffee, a slimming effect can be achieved with all products that contain caffeine, such as guarana. Not coincidentally, caffeine is present in all topical remedies for cellulite and adipose tissue reduction.
Caffeine activates and increases the speed of metabolic processes, including those that oxidize fats, in addition to invigorating the mind.
However, caffeine should be used with caution, especially if you are prone to high blood pressure. Even if we do not suffer from the condition, a few cups of coffee a day can increase it. They also affect our self-esteem, we become more nervous, anxious and prone to stress. In addition, fitness instructors add that the effect of caffeine on this consumption ceases to work. Its action is most useful when combined with training, says the specialist.
And he recommends: "Before you start cardio or any other physical activity, it's good to support yourself with a cup of aromatic coffee. Caffeine without exercise soon saturates the receptors and virtually ceases to be effective. We must not forget that coffee or tea stimulates the nervous system, eliminating the feeling of fatigue. If you then do not give your body a well-deserved rest, "- warns the specialist, -" soon the organs will be exhausted. "