Experts advise adding lemon, not milk, to our cup of tea.
Many studies show that tea is a gift for the health of the cardiovascular system, but a new study finds that adding milk to our favorite drink destroys its health effects.
The culprit is a group of proteins in milk called caseins, which interact with tea and reduce the concentration of catechins - flavonoids in tea, which have a protective effect against heart disease.
In Asia, where tea is more common, cardiovascular disease is lower. In England, however, this is not the case, and this is probably due to the habit of the British to add milk to their tea.
Researchers have found that black tea significantly improves the ability to stretch and relax the arteries.
However, when milk is added, it turns out that this biological effect of tea completely disappears.
That's why experts advise: "If you drink tea because of its health effects, do not add milk."
Scientists have found that milk not only blocks the beneficial effects of tea on blood vessels, it destroys its antioxidant and protective effect against cancer.