Nadia Petrova is a holistic nutritionist. She graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and is a member of the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritionists. Nadia Petrova is also the author of the books "14 Days of Detox", "In Search of the Truth about Food and Health" and "Daily Raw".
- What is the recommended amount of water that adults and children should consume?
The best way to calculate water intake is by weight. Only in this way can it be applied to both children and adults. Therefore, the recommendations are usually 30 ml per 1 kg, which means that a person weighing 60 kg is good to drink 1.8 liters of water a day. In addition to this intake, it is good to have more fruits and vegetables in the menu , with the help of which we can get about a liter of fluids. Only in the period of pregnancy and lactation clean water should be above this amount and can reach 3-4 liters per day.
Water consumption also depends on some external factors, such as physical activity, external degrees, drinking diuretic drinks, and whether a person works in an air-conditioned room. All four factors have additional fluid loss that is good to compensate for. For example, during training a person can lose 0.5 to 1.5 liters of water and it is good to compensate for them during and after training . If he stays for 8 hours in a room with air conditioning, he will lose an average of about 0.5 liters of fluid, etc.
Therefore, the recommendations for daily intake should be consistent with a person's daily life and consumption should be properly distributed throughout the day, rather than drinking a lot of water at once.
- Why is adequate water intake important for the body?
In reality, 60-70% of our body is made up of water . Every day we lose an average of 2.5 liters and therefore compensating for this loss is key to our health. If the lost fluid is not compensated, the body suffers. Some of the symptoms that indicate a lack of water are headaches , decreased ability to work, nervousness , constipation , joint pain and many others.
- What are the health risks from insufficient water consumption?
The risks are many because water deficiency affects all systems in the body. For example, constipation in 90% of cases is due to poor hydration of the colon or in other words - due to lack of water. Decreased concentration, performance and headaches are also in a large percentage of cases due to reduced water intake, respectively dehydration of the brain . Our cardiovascular system also needs water , because 70% of the blood is water, etc.
- Can water help to lose weight?
Definitely yes. In fact, the biggest mistake I see among people who want to lose weight is not drinking enough water. The problem is that our body does not have a mechanism to expel fat from the body. To do this, he must convert them with the help of the liver into water-soluble molecules and discard them as such. This is a process that cannot happen without enough water and antioxidants , so weight loss is directly related to water intake, as well as the consumption of more vegetables and fruits.
- When we talk about liquids in general, which ones are recommended for hydrating the body and which ones should we avoid?
For water we can count the direct consumption of water, herbal teas, as well as fruits and vegetables rich in water. Outside of them, drinks such as coffee , black and green tea, carbonated soft drinks, hard alcohol and more. they do not hydrate the body, but rather help it to dehydrate . Therefore, it is usually recommended that all these drinks be compensated with 1 glass of water extra. Or follow the golden rule - a cup of coffee with a glass of water.
- Is there any data on the habits of the Bulgarian related to water consumption? Are we consuming enough?
A recent study by Alpha Research and the Bulgarian Association for People Management shows that only 39% of employers in Bulgaria provide water to their employees, as a result of which one third of employees drink less than a liter of water per day.
As a result, 42% of them feel tired almost every day, and 34% suffer from headaches at least once a week. For comparison - 84% of Bulgarians who drink more than one liter of water during the working day, say that they have a good vitality and a high level of concentration .
That is, we are not yet at the recommended levels for water intake , but the trend is towards greater interest from people, as well as a gradual but stable replacement of carbonated beverages with natural ones such as water, juices, fresh juices , smoothies and fruits.