New Year Of The Yellow Dog: Wet Kisses And Meat On The Bone

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New Year Of The Yellow Dog: Wet Kisses And Meat On The Bone

The New Year is coming soon and, despite the slush and blockage at work, the expectation of New Year's miracles and magic is in the air.


The New Year is coming soon and, despite the slush and blockage at work, the expectation of New Year's miracles and magic is in the air. The budget for gifts and festive attire has been exceeded several times, but the smell of tangerines returns to a carefree childhood, and the anticipation of the festival inspires. On this day, your loved ones will gather at the table, and you will present your signature salad and will not think about how much (lots and lots) you will eat!

Features of the Year of the Dog

The upcoming 2018 will be held under the auspices of the Yellow Earth Dog. According to Chinese folk wisdom, the year of the Yellow Dog should be good and prosperous, like the symbol of the year itself. This year will be especially successful for diligent and friendly people who are faithful to their family and ideals. In the year of the Dog, conflicts and disputes will subside. Under the auspices of this talisman, a harmonious and calm time comes in all areas of life. Hooray!


Although according to the Chinese calendar, the new year will begin only on February 16, in our country they begin to appease the dog on December 31. If you decide to support this tradition and bring luck to your side, be sure to read our recommendations on how to celebrate the Year of the Yellow Dog. We will tell you how to beautifully serve the festive table and what dishes to cook.

Serving and dishes

So, let's start with the table setting. Cover it with a tablecloth made of natural fabrics in warm colors: yellow, brown or green colors are sure to please the Dog. If you have figurines, soft toys, or dog-shaped candles, put them on the table. The dog loves natural and natural materials, so the branches of a live Christmas tree, wooden toys and fresh flowers will come in handy.


Loyal, generous, friendly and good-natured dog is good at familiar and simple food. She loves to eat, so the table must be rich and plentiful. The dog is a well-known meat-eater, so the most important dishes on the festive table will be dishes from meat and offal. Pork, beef, lamb, rabbit meat, poultry and game - in a special respect for the dog.

Serve cold cuts, jellied tongue, boiled pork and assorted sausages and ham for appetizers. Decorate dishes with sliced ​​\u200b\u200bgreens, vegetables, pickles, the Yellow Earth Dog loves a beautiful and lush decoration. It is good if there are pancakes with meat fillings and mushrooms stuffed with ham and cheese on the table.


From salads, preference should be given to simple and satisfying. Olivier, herring under a fur coat, capital and vinaigrette - all those New Year's dishes that we love so much will be ideally appropriate on the table on New Year's Eve.

Serve meat as the main dish, of course. The dog will really like the bones, so a rack of lamb, a loin on the ribs, a baked ham or a pork knuckle will be an excellent solution. Like chicken wings or legs. You can supplement meat dishes with vegetables and fruits, such combinations will be to the liking of the symbol of the year. Horse meat should not be served at the table in the year of the Yellow Dog, of course, for most of us this is an exotic product, but still keep in mind.

If you decide to cook fish, try to choose varieties of fish with the fewest bones. Although dogs love bones, they don’t like fish bones, and guests will not be particularly happy with the “boney” main holiday dish.


Dessert and drinks

Dogs have a big sweet tooth, but an abundance of sweets is bad for them (as well as for us, by the way). And after a plentiful feast with hearty meat dishes, heavy desserts will be superfluous. Prepare something light - mousse, jelly, ice cream. Alternatively, Yellow Dog's favorite fruits are apples and oranges. Apple strudel with cinnamon or candied orange and lemon puffs are delicious additions to a cup of tea or aromatic coffee.

It is worth considering carefully what alcoholic and / or non-alcoholic drinks to serve at the New Year's table. Firstly, they should go well with main courses: white wine goes well with fish, red wine is perfect with meat. Vodka is combined with salty and spicy snacks. Secondly, the dog does not like people "drunk", does not tolerate the smell of alcohol, so you should not abuse its friendliness, and use strong alcoholic beverages in moderation. Traditional champagne and light cocktails will be a great addition to the New Year's table and will not irritate the good-natured hostess of the year.


Don't forget to bring fresh bread to the table. Cut a crispy loaf, soft buns, Borodino or grain bread and put in a basket under a kitchen towel. Share bread and good wishes! The Yellow Earth Dog will definitely appreciate this, she favors products grown on the ground or in the ground. For a side dish, cook potatoes with vegetables - this dish will be a 100% hit on the bull's-eye.

Of course, the most important thing on New Year's Eve is the atmosphere. Try to make your house cozy and warm on this beautiful day, harmony and understanding reign, so that you and your loved ones feel joyful and cheerful. Hug, kiss loved ones! And then in the New Year, the Yellow Earth Dog will surely endow you and your loved ones with well-being, kindness and tranquility. Happy New Year to you! Health, success, happiness and joy!

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