The astronomical spring has already come, and with it comes the traditional season fatigue. Drowsiness, lethargy, apathy are some of its symptoms that we can easily banish, as long as we know how to eat. Healthy breakfast smoothies are the ideal way to eliminate depression and fatigue with the warming of the weather, explained to Bulgaria ON AIR nutritionist, food consultant and yoga instructor Yana Danailova.
"In winter, the day is shorter and the smaller solstice, that is, our contact with the sun's rays, more or less depresses us. Separately, the food is completely different, we are deprived of a lot of vitamins, minerals, fresh fruits and vegetables, seasonal or exotic . And this inevitably affects both our mood and health, as well as our immunity, "she explained in " Bulgaria in the Morning "
We can get in shape and restore the body's defenses with fresh fruits and vegetables. "The biggest challenge is to include greens in our menu. Most people do not perceive them as taste, but they are actually infinitely useful. And it is from them that we will get the necessary minerals , vitamins, chlorophyll , even protein, "she added. And he pointed out that they can be combined with sweeter fruits, so that we can like the smoothie as a taste. 
Our body cannot get everything from one food, so we need a varied and balanced diet , and the use of food supplements should not replace it, but adds, Danailova is categorical. 
Parsley, dill, wheat grass, nettle and dock plus exotic fruits can be the perfect combination for a spring smoothie. First make fresh from the greens, then add spinach , diced pineapple, mango, pieces of lime and tangerine. "My recommendation is to take advantage of the fresh vegetables that are currently on the market - fresh spinach, nettles, sorrel, dock," said the food consultant. The base of the smoothie is coconut water, you can add some of the "meat" of the walnut itself. Finally, the mixture is enriched with goji berry and white mulberry. Add cashews and raw cocoa, as well as broccoli sprouts. Pour the green leafy fresh together with the fruit mixture in a blender and grind, then pour into glasses suitable for smoothies and consume.