Pineapple - Health Benefits

Published on: 23/09/2021 | Last Updated: 16/10/2021
Pineapple - Health Benefits

In this article, learn more about Pineapple - Health Benefits. Pineapple has many health benefits, it is rich in healing properties..

Pineapple has always been valued for its specific delicate taste, and now because of the healing properties they find in it. It contains: citric acid, dietary fiber, ascorbic acid; also: provitamin A, vitamins B1, B2, B12, C, PP, magnesium, potassium and other minerals and trace elements. And over sixty aromatic substances in the composition give it a unique aroma.

Health benefits

Pineapple helps prevent thrombophlebitis and thrombosis because it reduces blood density. It is useful in hypertension, it is recommended for cardiovascular and kidney diseases because it affects the swelling. Because pineapple removes deposits on the walls of blood vessels, it prevents heart attacks and strokes.

It is also believed that regular consumption of this fruit can significantly reduce muscle and joint pain (if any, of course). The dietary properties of pineapple deserve special attention, because 100 g of it contains only 48 calories.

Pineapple also contains bromelain. This substance is used in various inflammatory diseases - angina, pneumonia, arthritis, pyelonephritis, sinusitis and others, as it has anti-inflammatory action. At the first signs of a cold, pineapple juice will have a healing effect.

This fruit can prevent the development of atherosclerosis, stops inflammatory processes, accelerates wound healing. Stimulates digestive functions, is useful in pancreatic insufficiency, helps eliminate cellulite.


All the above properties of pineapple , and more precisely the presence of bromelain, are real only when consumed on an empty stomach. If taken during a meal or with other foods, this substance acts only as a digestive enzyme that enhances the fermentation activity of gastric juice. This is very useful when eating rich foods rich in cellulose and fatty meats.

It has not yet been proven, but many scientists suggest that eating the delicious fruit may help treat cancer. However, it is certain that pineapple, by binding free radicals, is a prophylactic against cancer.

One of the most common reasons for eating pineapple is weight loss . The fruit helps to lose weight and this has been confirmed by a number of studies. In 2018, a study published in Food Science and Biotechnology claimed that pineapple juice could help reduce fat formation and increase fat breakdown.
With pineapple you can lose weight because it has few calories, contains many vitamins and minerals, no saturated fat or trans fat. This way you can easily eat the fruit, get full and at the same time control your weight, as you will get satisfaction and satiety at the "price" of few calories.
Another big plus in terms of weight loss of pineapple is its sweetness, thanks to which you can satisfy your hunger for sweets and avoid all the harmful products that attract you to the store.

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